First Idaho Deer Hunt


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Nov 28, 2001
Chandler, Az
Hey Guys and Gals, I just put in for my 1st Idaho deer hunt! I can't wait. My future father-in-law told me to get the "Clear Water" tag, so I did. I bought the license and tag on the net just an hour ago and I'm sooooo excited! He lives up in Potlatch and that place is just crawling with deer! I can't wait to clean the cobwebs of the ol Ruger 270!

He told me that you guys didn't get quite the snow you all expected this year. I hope it's not too dry this fall. Whatcha think?

Congrats John. I hunted up there several years ago. They told us that the only deer up there were whitetails. We came home with three mulies and a 5X5 bull elk.We hunted area 10A, up on top, just south of Dworshak Reservoir. It can be really good, but if it is a really dry year all the game will be down where the water is. Good luck.

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Congratulations! You'll probably do real well. Peak for rattling is 11/9, the rut's going real well by 11/15 and gets better every day until about the 22nd or 23rd, then starts slowing down a little. I usually hunt the 15th to the 20th because that's the last day in the unit I like to hunt. Rattling's still good 'til the 20th.

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You'll have a great time huntin in the clearwater. I've spent the last 12 years up there in the fall I go the 15th-25th and hunt 2 units. this year I killed a real pig 151 6/8s 5x5 and was over 350 on the hoof.

good luck to ya

Dic, You sure about that weight? What did it weigh dressed? Did you use a scale? Any whitetail that's over 200 dressed is a big one for ID!

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HEY, good luck on your hunt, I know how fired up I get putting in a new area. Sounds like you'll have a blast.. I'm guessing you're up late and always thuinknig about it !! It will get here soon enough !!

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You got that right Oscar! I'm dreaming of glassing right now! Hey if you are ever driving through Potlatch and have to stop at the rest area just north of town, say "Hi" to Don! He's my future Father in law(hunting guide) and caretaker of the rest stop. Thanks for all of the encouragement. I just got my tag a couple of days ago! I'm sporting wood like you wouldn't believe! LOL!