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First Deer with Bow......Juvenile Hunter


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Nov 21, 2001
Same hunting buddy called me this morning and told me his 12 year old son got his first bow kill last night and are tracking one right now. :D

It was a 7 point last night.

He has killed several deer with a muzzle loader and rifle, but this is his first bow kill and first bow season. :D

Will post pics later.....when I get them.
Here are the pics;


Now theres a proud moment all hunters should savour..Along with the girl on another thread..Another hunter is born...Very nice.. :D

YOU did good kid !!! Stick around and Share a story !!! GOS to have you here, We have several younger teenagers here.
Yeah Moosie give the kid a hunttalk hat and bill it to me or 1-pointer. Any youngster who gets a great kill like that deserve some recognition. Way to go Young Robin Hood.
Nice buck indeed!! Anyone who harvests an animal with a bow is considered an accomplished hunter in my book. You should be very proud of the accomplishment and always savor the moment. Keep us posted on any future success or just stop in to say hi. Great job bud.
Well as ya'll know my dad was with my sister on the WMA hunt where she killed the 8 pointer and the doe so one of his friends volennteered to take me. Well i heard someting moving behind me and i turned and about 25 yds behind me and down the hill about 30ft i saw a little 4 pointer walking and it wasn't a very big deer so i ddecided to let it pass by and then i saw that 7 pointer walking and it keeped walking so the only thing that i could do to stop it was whistle so did and he stoped and started looking around and so i drawed back as he watched me and i aimed toward where the lowest part behind the sholder i could see and let it go.I watched the arrow hit him and he turned and ran off toward the pond so i set there about 45 minutes and mikey b(My dads friend who took me hunting) came to my stand and i showed him where the deer was standing when i shot and i climbed down so we left our stands and bows there and started to follow the blood trail well we saw where he crashed a couple of times the we came to the hill before the pond and he was laying right there at the bottom of the hill. it looked like he only ran 30yds and the slide about another 20yds on top of that. and thats pretty much my story for this deer