Find the White Acorn Food Lots and you will find deer

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May 7, 2004
Deer and turkey love the taste of white accorns. Even our native americans use to eat the white accorn because they are sweet. Hunting strategy hunt in areas that have a bundance of white accorn on the mountain side or in woodlots and you will find deer and turkey. Hunt where the red accorn is and you will find nothing since this accorn is bitter.
I've staked out and killed a deer over acorns. I guess to some it would be a food plot or even baiting. :D ;)

Another trick is to take some acorns or even pebbles with ya and drop them while in a stand to simulate acorns falling from the tree. Never know it might bring in a hungry deer.
In Indiana the deer loves white acorns, they are especially good to hunt over if you can find an isolated tree that has a really good mast crop during a year when most of the trees hasn't produce very many nuts. The red acorn can be as good even though they are very bitter like said but they come into play when all the other food sources start to thin out. I have found whole hillsides completely tore to shreds in very late winter huting under red oak trees. The red oaks are usually hit when there is snow on the ground.
Uncle Buck,
I agree that the White Oak is THE preferred acorn. I just got done putting lime down around the drip-line under 3 of my favorites(all with ground blinds/treestands nearby).
However, the red Oak is a staple food during the first of the winter snows. Much the same as apples soften, the R.O. acorns lose their bitterness.
If you do hunt the oaks, rake or blow out the leaves under the drip-line during the summer. Deer are lazy and they are quick to realize how much easier it is to pick up acorns under trees that are raked out. If you're treestand hunting in oaks, remember that your outline WILL bust you as the foliage drops. Add pine boughs(if legal)after the drop to help break up the outline.
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