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Jan 19, 2003
I got some kind of virus this past Oct. just west of Pagosa Springs Co. This happened on my first elk hunt ever. Up until then I had never seen an elk in the wild. Down in Texas they are "scares as hen's teeth". I still have only seen one elk, a 5X5, which I get to look at now every day on the wall. Here lies the problem....What do the more experienced elk hunters do now? I am totaly consumed in elk hunting, bought a 300 WSM when I already have the 7mm mag, '06, etc. I can't wait till next season. Is the only cure next Oct? By the way, anyone ever hunted with J&D Outfitters in Co. Thinking of booking this hunt so I can start packing soon.
Wecome to Moosies rloyd
lots of Elk boys here mate
I'm sure you'll get lots of help.
There is no cure, it's terminal.
All you can do is hang out on the elk area of hunt talk forams, and dream about giant racks.
Tell us the story of you first elk hunt, and post some pictures.(we need a fix)

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Anaconda is right. There is no cure. The only thing you can do is to go every year to ease the condition. Welcome to hunt Talk and please do share the story with us. We love pictures on Hunt Talk also, so don't be shy.
Yep, welcome aboard and ask any thing you want, there are a few of us that have things that we do between elk hunts..LOL..
Definitely the disease is incurable. It's symptoms exist on two levels. There is a continuous low level yearning to re-live previous hunts, low level cabin fever and a continuous anticipation of future hunts. Intensity of the symptoms annually peak near the end of summer and include an increase of testosterone levels, a yearning for isolated wilderness, cold miserable conditions and the smell of fresh blood.

There are numerous therapies to choose from. Most of the therapies will result in an abatement of the low level continuous symptoms.

You can pour over maps of your hunting area, memorizing them until the topography seems to become three dimensional and rise off the page.

You can haunt the internet forums compulsively discussing elk hunting with other victims of the afliction. This therapy seems to reduce immediate symptoms but simultaneously increase the annual symptoms.

You can read books on the subject. Those written by scientists are the most useful in treating he annual flare up of cravings. But those written by hunters are most effective in treating the low level effects.

But there is no therapy for treating the annual flare up. Victims must succome to the primodial uges or go mad. The madness is charcterized by extreme introversion, continuous mutterings, alcholosism, wife beating and other bazar activities. Victims must go hunting in order to avoid the madness.

Welcome to hunttalk.

I will add to the other good advise,--that in some familys it is highly contagious,I got it from my husband and it has cost him quite a sum of money over the years.
The hardest part is (during the off season)it gets so bad its a wonder we havent hurt each other.
Good Luck in you quest to easy the pain
Speaking of Elk fevers, I'll try to give y'all (a southern term for everyone on the web!) a short fix. I started getting together a small group from Shreveport, Louisiana in 1998 and we have Elk hunted every year since, we usually hunt Missionary Ridge near Durango, Co. (Did you notice when familiar Elk spots are mentioned your fever drops a little?) Well, this year we had to relocate to Pagosa Springs up around Williams Reservoir because of the fires. To make matters more complicated I went and bought my wife a motorscooter to take camping, you've seen them at campgrounds, red, small, quiet, you could call them cute, broke my left arm 30 minutes after I get the damn thing home! This was August 22, 2002 and I was booked for the First Elk season October 12! Well,I booked a one day horse back hunt with Crazyhorse Outfitters for myself and my hunting buddy Wes, thats all the time Bill and Willie Swanda had left. We got up to Sportsmans Supply Campground early and checked into our cabins and met our guide Bill Swanda (80 Yr. young Bill Swanda). The next morning we load up and ride to a spot to hunt, unload the horses, find a ditch to lead horse down so I can get my limp armed ass up into the saddle! Beautiful Yellow aspens shimmering, the smell of the mountain, the sounds of a horse farting, I was Elk hunting! Nothing that morning, so we try another spot that evening, we ride for about thirty minutes and turn up an Elk trail and bump three cows, (this is the good part) Bill takes our horses and has us watching a Aspen bench. It is cool and quiet, we watch three mule deer eat and play. We flipped a quarter to see who got the first shot or if a group with a bull came who got the bull,we had either-sex tags, well I lost. We sat for a while longer, when all of a sudden nine Mule Deer came crashing by, (some really nice bucks too)I turned to Wes and asked if he thought some Elk could have spooked the Deer. At this time three Elk came onto the bench, two cows and a 5x5 bull, my limp arm suddenly had the power of Hercules, I swung the cross-hairs onto the bull's shoulder and then slid them to the lead cow (remember I lost the coin toss)I touched off expecting Wes to echo my shot, Well he was three feet from me and did'nt even see the bull! We did get both of the cows and I had a great hunt with a great friend. Tagged out the first day, we spent the rest of the week trout fishing, sight seeing and having a blast. Oh, just for the record our hunt cost us $400 for that one day of hunting and they did everything. How's you fever now?
There is nothing to control your virus. It is sad that for many of us it sticks around for about 50 weeks out of the year. Some of us are luckier than others and it isn't around as long. My best advise would be to stick around the forums here so you can share your stories, pictures and views on certain issues with us.
I'll second TMsander's post.. join or start your local chapter and you'll be elbow deep in Elk and elk hunting and elk habitat... you see where I'm going.. Good luck with the sickness..
I too suffer from the same sickness! My fix makes matters worse though! Video's and books. I love the Primo's Truth videos. If they don't get you jacked about archery elk hunting in the rut, nothing will!

I contacted the crew and found out that The Truth 6 will be out around Father's Day. I know what I will be asking for

Thanks for all the suggestions. I have some pictures and story but I'm not sure how to get the pictures on this forum.
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