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Facebook Is At It Again

Instead of starting a new thread I thought I would just tack on to this older one, sorta the same point.

It's interesting that we've all seen FB and other social media block and censor hunting/killing content but apparently have no issue with actual wildlife trafficking or, you know, real laws.
It’s not just wildlife trafficking, all sorts of trafficking takes place through social media. We would be so much better off if it all just went away.
I'll be frank, Nameless Range's posts on these two topics are one of the two primary reasons I still have an account.
I got phished, hacked, and permanently banned over the course of about 25 minutes while sitting in a meeting at Sheep Show in Reno in January 2022. The worst of it is that they took my IG account as well. 🤷🏽‍♂️
The occult types pay surprising amounts for bits and pieces.