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Elkgunner & Buzz book "high fence" hunt with "Greek"

gotta love it......guys u can come hunt these pet elk here by my house the guy charges 25K a elk...some nice elk but i just wanna go there and cut the fence down and release them

Pug as the "guide", now thats funny.

I'd bet the greek still wouldnt get an elk.
HAHA.... It's all fun and Games but I hardly have the time to Mess with him Any more. But I still try :D :D

Acon, It's all About Bear and Turkeys this time of Yea... Give it a few Months and The Elk talk will be on Fire :D
I thought elkfarmer was'nt opening up till next year?
If you have any still born, ship them to Greek...He'll be glad to take them...They'll save on his gas money..