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Elk Turds Elk hunting trip ....


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Dec 9, 2000
Boise, Idaho
I'll let him tell the Intro and the BOOK part in the morning.. I'll skip to the end on the book...

NO ELK..... But a dead Muley DOE !!!

Congrats on a bow kill Elk TURD !!!!!!!!!
Moosie! You were not a smart A$$?????


Well, it didn't have milk on it's lips, but pretty close!!!! There were two does heading towards me, one big, one small. The first one that gave me a shot was of course the smaller one, and I took it.

Shot it with my long bow at 15 yards and died 10 yards away. Lucky shot for such a small target!!!!
:D :D
Thats funny... Usually it's the "ARROW" you shoot is "SMALL" and the target BIG (Not the otherway around) !!!!

Not saying anything about your wife .... :eek: :eek: ... ;)

Seriously though, Congrats BOSS !!!!!
Thanks for ruining the suprise Moosie :( . Congrats on the bow kill Elkturd. :D

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Again, good job on the deer elkturd.

"Seriously though, Congrats BOSS !!!!!"

Geez Oscar, try not to get any lipstick on his underwear....
Way to go ,good job.
Were you thinking of the "Nuge" while you were shooting that deer?
Wack em and Stack em
Moosie is leaving early to go turkey hunting, so that's why he is...

"Can't Grill it 'till ya kill it" :D

Thanks for all the Congrats!!! I knew I shouldn't believe all the stuff Oscar says about you all :eek: !!!
The only thing On my lips is the BOSS"s ASS... errr wait a min... WHat I meant was... Uhhhh the only match I have is My face and your BUTT.... Uhhh no, I might have that BAckwards ?!?!?

UHhh hell.. Going to shoot a Turkey, See yall in the AM ;)
Congrats Turdman, would you like to borrow a "Kill it and Grill it" recipe book signed by the Nuge himself. :D :D ;) ;)
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