Elk on the road!


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Apr 3, 2004
In a box under a bridge
I was on my way to Malta (mt) on 191no
I came over a hill and there they were 15 huge Elk in the road. :eek: It had been raining the road was wet, and I was running fast :( . I slamed on the breaks and was abel to miss them all :D .Driving a small car that is a GOOD thing! I was neet to see them out in the river breaks,one can only amagin(cant spell) how Lewis and Clark felt when they came to MT!
You must be imagining things. ;) According to Elk Gunner, BUZZH, and Ithaca on this site, elk don't come within miles of any road. :D I had a similar experience on a motorcycle at night. :eek:

That can be a dangerous stretch of road. You never know where the elk are going to be. I go to Billings that way a couple of times a month and the elk have nearly killed me a couple of times.

How far from Fred Robinson? I will guess within 5 miles. :D Do you apply for that area? Good bulls if a guy can draw a tag (rifle that is). ;)
It was in the middle of the doy around 1:00pm.Yes just after I crossed the river, and yes I did put in for elk there ( 700,701,703). The cops have to see me firts!!!
I think this post is an admission of guilt! *Printing now* LOL..Glad you didnt take any of those elk (or yourself) out.