Elk in Eastern Idaho ?


Grand poopa
Dec 9, 2000
Boise, Idaho
I was sent this Email from a Coworker in rexburg saying he got it from a guy that took this in the Soda Springs Area..... Anyone seen this yet ?

that "spike" looks like he has the beginning of a brow tine to me. I will give you the benefit of the doubt though. After all, you are the king when it comes to judging those trophy spike.
Talk about fish in a barrel! When I see this photo, I can see myself lobbing arrows at a 45 degree angle. Bet they wouldn't even spook when the arrow landed near them, or on one of them. My luck, I would hit that closest one.
I didn't think there were that many mature bulls in this whole state, let alone in one place at one time.
I've never seen bulls gather in those number cept at a feeding station in the winter. Not sayin your bud didn’t take the pic or was the one to touch it up a bit. ;)
Looks touched up to me. Look at the bull just to the left of the spike Moosie was referring to. A lot of white/cream running down the bull’s nose and looks almost like horns were put on backward. There are others where the horns seem to be placed off center on the head.

Sorry Rocky, just saying it the way I see it. No disrespect meant.

Cool pic though. Think I might have had a heart attack if I had walk up on such a view.

Nice picture. There are a couple elk farms not far from Rexburg but I don't think it is from any of those because of the amount of water in the pic. If those are wild elk it would be a real sight to see.
HEre is a better Picture.. I can't see were it's doctored ?!?! I didn't bringit up in Photo shop though.


I do have to say thatthe Bulls have some FAT Mass to the Webs from the 3-4 and up tines. Some look almost good enough for Greeny to shoot ;)

I don't think you need to apologize. I think it is a bit "curious" for a picture.

That really doesn't look like Cour d'Alene country, and Moosie says it came from Soda Springs.

Just the questionable origin makes one wonder.

Has anybody else ever seen WILD elk swimming in a pool like that??? It looks like a feedlot type activity.
W,W, I think the Internet is FOR Questioning. Notice I didn't say it was Gospil, I question Everything I hear and 90% of what I see. If you think a comment like that offended someone you must think We're a Bunch of Pansies and not guys willing to hunt the Rainforset ;)

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