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Elk hunting is soooo sweet....

WOW... you can wait that long ?!??!!?

GOOD luck to ya !!!!!!

Idaho opening is this wekend. Butt it's just for the Arrow flickers. And we all know that Bow hunting isn't a real sport !!!

OHHH wait, YOU guys are going bow hunting.... HUMmmmm...
I'm going to totally flip out and chop off an elk's head and not even give a crap!

I'm going to slay a totally sweeet bull... and kick him right in the face.

Flying will really help my elk hunting...
So I read W.W.'s and greenys post and Fell out my chair.. MY coworkers wanted me to read it to them...

Then didn't think it was as FUNNY as I do... I guess you have to know the WHOLE story !!!! HAHA !!
But first you have to pork all the hot babes in town at one time... don't ask me how they do that - it's another Ninja secret, like flying and sticking to walls and stuff. And they never sweat.
Hey MWoosie, today im doing some autocad work and i feel just like you!!! Im so pumped I could kill an entire squadron of drafters and not even think twice about it!! <<<guitars wailing in the background>>

As a drafting ninja you obtain certain responsibilities, like kicking ass and looking cool and tough.

<FONT COLOR="#800080" SIZE="1">[ 08-30-2002 12:48: Message edited by: RockyDog ]</font>
As soon as Im done with puberty I too, will be a cool ninja like you guys.

You guys find the wierdest crap!! :D
Rockydog.... I too am a Ninja Cadd operator. If you need any trade secrets, LEMME know. From one Secret ninja CADD warrior to another !!!!
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