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Elk hunter Killed in AZ


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Jan 16, 2002
A man was shot and killed on the AZ general elk hunt south of the Grand Canyon. A member of the mans hunting party accidently shot him. I'm sure more details will be out soon.
This should be good. Last time something like this happened in AZ, it was a turkey hunter, and he was shot by his brother...

Heard a noise in a bush and shot.............

here you go AZ from game and fish themselves:

<BLOCKQUOTE>quote:</font><HR>Fatal Accident Occurs During Elk Hunt

FLAGSTAFF – Todd Halfast, age 38, from Flagstaff was killed during an elk hunting accident Friday morning, Nov. 15, in Game Management Unit 9 near U.S. Forest Service Road 328 approximately 21 miles west of Tusayan.

This is the first fatal hunting accident in Arizona since 1998. The Coconino County Sheriff's Department is currently investigating the fatal hunting accident. The Arizona Game and Fish Department participated in the investigation.

According to official reports, four individuals, who were all members of the same family, were out in the hunt area Friday morning and encountered a herd of elk. Upon trying to pursue the elk, the hunters lost track of each other. Shots were taken as the elk were running. Later in the day, after being separated, the members of the hunting party returned to their camp and discovered one person had not yet returned. They initiated a search. They found the victim later that day.

Game and Fish reports that the state’s previous fatal hunting accident in 1998 was also during a rifle elk hunt. Arizona also had a hunting fatality in 1995.

Don Winslow, conservation education program manager with Game and Fish said, "Hunting accidents, especially fatalities, are rare. It is a safe activity. Just like any other recreational activity, injuries and fatalities can occur."

Through hunter education courses, brochures and other media, Game and Fish promotes safe and ethical hunting. Target identification is one of many topics discussed during the classes. "Hunters should always know their target and what is beyond," Winslow said.

Hunter education students are instructed to clearly identify what they are shooting at and to be aware of their surroundings. It is recommended that people out hunting or accompanying hunters wear hunter orange.
Dan the a year before the turkey incident a guy was killed in wickenburg by his birddog.... the guy leaned over to get the bird and his dog hit the trigger of the shotgun
Most Texas hunting accidents are getting in and out of the pickup. One person on each side, each pulling a gun out, each gun pointed at the other person. There were 15 accidents like that one year when I saw the data.
A no shit true story.

I spent the last few years of highschool in AZ. One winter, I went hunting(camping) with a buddy of mine. His dad had drawn an elk tag and we were tagging along. After a hard days hunt(no elk) we were sitting around the fire when a hunter walked by our camp. We asked how his day went. His reply, "I did'nt see anything, but I shot at some noises in the bushes earlier in the mourning". :confused: He was dead serious. Needless to say we moved camp that night. Damn city slickers. I say that because he was all decked out in the latest fashion with a pricy gun, but he did'nt have a clue what he was doing out there. Guys like that give everyone else a bad name.

Sorry to hear about the hunter, my prayers go out to the family.
Thats really to bad about the hunter..
Now the one that said he sound shoots, you just tell him back that now that you know what he looks like, next time you see him in the woods, you will drop him like a microwaved fly!!! :mad: :mad: :mad:
I'm really sorry for that hunter & his family.

It seem like theres a lot of stories like that this year. Is it just me, or are you hearing a lot of "hunter gets killed in hunting accident" stories this year ?
Is it just concindence, or is ther more untrained idiots out there than ever before ?
Dan, I think it's like anything else that becomes too competitive. Too many people on too little land, hunting for too few animals makes for a bad combination. With so many young guys out trying to hunt with little or no instruction and little or no experience.

Unfortunately, in this incident, it was a matter of an experienced hunter not paying attention to the basic rules. He wasn't sure of his target.. and beyond.

Well do you want to hear the story as I was told by a coworker of one of the relatives?
A waitress at the Galaxy diner in Flagstaff told me about this on Tuesday night and this is what happened.
Her coworker is a niece of the man killed. His own Nephew supposededly shot him.
The group surrounded this herd in a meadow and they got on all sides of it and started shooting into it not thinking about cross fire and such. The uncle was killed and they knew it right away and went to get help and lost the body and the area where they were shooting and had to call out search and rescue to find it. They also left 3 dead elk in this meadow BECAUSE they were to distruaght with grieve? This waitress tells me they like to go out and have libation before and after hunting? Makes you think what actually went on!
This is how I heard the story on the 19th.

I'll post my hunt details later after the pics are done, but I have gone 2/2 this year. My first elk and its a nice bull, south of Walnut canyon around 5:25 PM. Got him the next to last day by myself. Full story later.

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I used the word (li-ba-tion) in the right context but my explanation was wrong.
It means: an intoxicating drink, in the informal definition according to the dictionary.
Hope this helps to clarify things.
Good post AZ,
It's such a shame when such tragedies happen. These things shouldn't happen. A hunter here in New York was just shot by a member of his hunting party. Another reason to bowhunt. My heart goes out to his Family!

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