Elk breeders of Idaho raffel


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Jan 12, 2003
Boise Idaho
Hey guy and gals,

The Elk breeders of Idaho is holding a raffel, part of the money goes to help Raven's Idaho youth hunter and other non-profit org's.

1st place : fully guided trophy elk hunt for a 360-370 class SCI bull at Pine Mountain Ranch in the eastern Idaho mountains. The hunt value is $8,000.00

You would be responcible for transportation to Idaho Falls, Idaho,,, meat processing and trophy care. Also tips for guides

This hunt is a 3 day fully guided hunt on a private ranch, 4 nights lodging and all meals. NO LICENSING of any kind and no age limmit.

I have been there on a hunt with one of my clients and this place is out of this world......TOP SHELF all the way......

2nd place : a pair of Savorski 10x42 Bino's

3rd place : a new rifle, Winchester 300WSM

There will only be 1000 tickets sold. Tickets are $25.00 each and they are going fast.

For more info you can contact
Tom VanWitbeck @ [email protected] or by phone (208)522-6790

or you can call me at (208) 841-5554

Thanks for the post.
Anyone of those would be nice to win,but it's the GREAT cause that I like supporting.
Anything to do with kids and hunting is tops at our house.
Just curious...why would anybody need a guide to find a domestic elk?
Washington Hunter, I've seen Your Success with Wild Elk hunting,....

"would anybody need a guide to find a domestic elk"

Uhhh someone maybe like you

This is an Informative post about a Raffle that I said Sly can Put up, If you want talk about the Ethics or elk ranch hunting Start a new topic. I'll be happy to discuss that there
Slydog,,,How many tickets do you have left???If I could talk the boss lady into it I'd pick one up from ya...

I'm not sure how many are left but the contact I gave will know ( Tom Vanwitbeck ) and he is the one running the show.

I think its worth getting involved with as I said I have been there and I would love to go again. You realy have to hunt for them and the country is wild as hell. The acomadtions are first class and they realy know their stuff. Top Shelf all the way.

If you can't get ahold of Tom get back with me and I'll see what I can do. Thanks for the suport.


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