Eastern MT Bucks


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Oct 22, 2003
Glasgow, Montana
Here are couple of Eastern MT bucks taken by a friend of mine and his son.


Those are some really nice bucks. I really dig that non-typ. Care to share any details like when, were the bucks rutting? Did they see many other bucks this year? Just curious how the deer are doing up that way.
Big Sky,
These deer were taken over this past weekend. One on Saturday and Sunday. I can narrow down the area to SouthEast Montana near Broadus. The bucks are starting to rut and herd up does. I saw two fighting last weekend. Nemont
Thanks, although I didn't ask where it's nice to know though. I have been watching the mulies rut and fit since November 8th over by Richey. Last week I saw a very nice muley in the 150 range that had his main beam snapped right off just after the first fork. He was real aggressive and kept running off two slightly smaller 3x3's. I'd sure like to see the buck that broke his antler off. How are the deer doing up around Glasgow? I keep telling myself I'm going to come up and hunt by the BIG lake someday, but I just never seem to make it that far. I guess it has something to do with so much good hunting between here and there.
The Whiteys are into the rut and seem to be a little more active with the cold and snow. The river bottoms are loaded with deer. I have seen some of those alphafa fields on the Milk River with over 100 head of WT. I have seen two nice WT bucks. I just have my heart set on a big Muley. I could change my mind though. The muleys have been getting going and I have seen the does bunched up. The problem I have is that the ducks, geese, pheasants, huns and sharpies are so thick I just can't seem to get deer hunting. Leaving tonight though for a hunt in the breaks south of Glasgow. Nemont
Hell Nemont, Why don't you jsut Give Big Sky a map

Kudos on the AWSOME deer. Some day I'll get off my butt and Take a nice Mule deer... Till then, I'll look at pictures of other ones and Be happy for those that do take um !!!!!
Well Moosie,
around Broadus encompasses a lot of territory. I didn't give BigSky any specific places or names. So I am not sweating it. If I thought he would want to spend a couple years attempting to figure out where these deer were taken more power to him.


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Hell... Troy (BIG SKY) got big ass Deer in his Backyard.. And he's to cheap to drive that far south of were he lives. You got nothing to worry about. ME, on the Other hand, will be over there next year. I can pull GPS Coord's off the IP # when you post the link to the Picture. But don't worry, I won't tell anyone were it's at

Congrats Again. Looking foward to your pictures too !!
Nice bucks NE and good to have you over here!

Hey Troy, I antelope hunted up towards Circle, isnt that getting near Richey?? Anyhow, the rancher thats place I was hunting on had about 5 BIG bucks in his house, along with a buttload of "nice" racks laying around in, on and outside the barn. His nicest was about 28 wide 8X9, probably 195-205 gross nontyp. Not a super monster, but a dang nice buck. He also had a really nice 6X6 that was in the 27 inch range, probably a 180 buck.

I wish it wasn't 8 hours from me!!

This weekend I am going muley hunting. I normally NEVER go deer hunting till my elk tag is filled (which by the way, generally means I NEVER go deer hunting!!!) but this year I decided I am going. I got "inside" info on two areas close by here in W. MT, so off I go. I sure hope I got pics to post!

Good Luck All,

Hornseeker now you see why I can't get real motivated to run all the way over to Glasgow or Broadus. It's not too shabby right around here. Moosie's right I am too cheap to drive very far. However this weekend I'm going to go tool around up by Outlook at see if any of those big Canadian bucks ever wander south of the border. Not really hunting as all I have is a doe tag, but will be taking notes on what I see.
There are some big bucks up in Outlook the problem is they can see you for miles. You should be able to fill a doe tag easily. BTW Richey to Outlook can't be much different then Richey to Glasgow.

Moosie, If you would just ask maybe I would take you to the exact spot.
Then again maybe not.
Neomont you are right Richey to Glasgow vs Richey to Outlook is probably about the same. Trouble is I don't live in Richey I just like to hunt by Richey. I live in Sidney. However if you ever get over this way lunch is on me. I'd actually like to know more about the whitetail hunting up in your neck of the woods (or river as the case may be.)
Ernie, have you been licking Greenie's balls again?!

" I got "inside" info on two areas close by here ..."

just jiving with ya a little Ernie
Hell yeah I have, but that tight ass wont give nothing up! These "tips" were from Missouliites. Today I had to be home by 2:30, so I hit the trail at 4:30 and was in decent position come 7 bells. The snow was awful crunchy and the hills were steep with deadfall and bear grass (not a good combo for walking). Anyhow, Just when I thought all was lost, I walked right up on a 23" massive 3 point, probably degenerated. Funny, he never even looked my way, he only cared about a doe and another buck in the brush. It turned out to be a little 1 1/2 year old forkie. Anyhow, I put the crosshairs on him at 50 yards for about a minute, then lowered and looked at him through the binos for abit, then raised and looked through the crosshairs again. Couldn't do it. Way to far back in for him. He was bigger than any deer I've killed though, so I'm happy!

Tommorrow I'm gonna check out the "other" spot I got tipped about. The guy killed a 7X11 in there in the early nineties. Wish me luck!!

(there is supposed to be a hell of a mountain storm rolling in and I should be right in the middle of that shit. Not to good really. Oh well!!)

Good Luck All!