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east coast get together..........again


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Feb 27, 2002
i talked to a guy tonight about hog hunting in florida.he said his small hogs are around 200 pounds up to 400+.all have cutters most have wetters and they are mean and nasty.i told him our groups are usually 6 to 10 and he said we could work a rotation.some guys in stands, some with the dogs and everyone should get a hog.he has a doublewide trailer for lodging and a lodge with tv pool table and good cooking, basically a fully catered hunt.his typical 1 on 1 hunt is 250 for a 2 day 1 night deal plus a trophy fee of around 250 but he said since we will be using dogs we wont need as many guides and he would give us a considerable break depending on how many guys come.he said to caution that this is a dangerous hunt and everyone should bring a fast,hard hitting rifle plus a would not be a good idea on this one but i know some of you have older kids who might be ok.i think if we could get enough guys we could get around 350 to 400 and some really ugly hawgs hanging in our dens.he said if i wanted to come down and see the place before we booked it he would be happy to take me out.what do you guys think.
That is awesome sounding. There is alot of factors I would have to consider before commiting. #1 is $$$ available. #2 is when it would be held.
They actually go together in a way.
I will wait and see what more think and when it could happen.

But I would go and at least check it out.
He must have special pigs, all the ones I've seen in Flordia went on average 60 lbs...seen one that went over 250.

They were far from being mean either.

seems like he is talking it up alot.

Gotta say though next to bear hunting pig hunting rocks.
so jason lee, i know you have an itch for hogs that mean your interested. we can go any time of year for them.i thought with the goose hunt in january and alot of guys from this side of the country making plans maybe we could go after turkey experience has been much like jasons, this guy brings in these pigs and only gets big ones.if you guys want to go ill take a trip down( its only an hour from me) and try to get some pictures and give a report.
the place is 830 can see the web page at .he said not to worry about the rate page, he is going to give us a good deal when we know how many guys are planning to go.
i would like to go in the summer or late spring after everyone is done hunting everything else.the last hog hunt i went on with dogs we got REALLY wet so i think the warmer the better.the guy called me the other day and said the more guys we get the better the price. right now im just trying to see who would go and when. Nut and i are going to louisiana in january so i dont think finances would let me go much before spring. but ummmmmmmmmm if you guys really wanted to ill work it out.