Early goose season!


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Dec 16, 2003
red river of the north
Anyone going to take a morning to bust up some early season geese?

We've got a couple of hundred feeding in a swathed barly field that just got an inch of rain last night. Life will be good on Wednesday!
Man smalls- you just got too many options out that way
...I didn't add to the "team total" last weekend but did pass on a few dinks.
I do think the stand is in a pretty good spot for filling tag #1 though....and the first is the dove opener...decisions, decisions...
I wish we had an early season is SW Idaho.
My first opportunity will actually be my daughters opportunity on "Youth hunting weekend" Sept 25-26.
She's 12, whacked her first turkey last spring, will be hunting doves with me Sept 4-5. I hope I can set her up to have a chance at a honker.
Morning started and ended quickly this morning. My hunting partner and I got our 10 honks out of the first two flocks that came off the roost. The birds decoyed pretty well, as we only had to shoot 11 times to get our 10 birds! Most shots were taken at 15-20 yards.
We have them starting to fly out every morning, and a little bit in the afternoon, looking for grain fields.

Our seed corn is all still standing, so can't start digging a pit yet. Kind of hard to get the corn picker out of a goose pit... :eek:
The geese have really started to stack into Fort Peck already. Should be a terrific waterfowl season.

Nemont, we have until Sept. 15 for the early canada season. I haven't been on the farm much this summer so I didn't realize how many birds we had. We have 5 or 6 fields lined up for the weekend that are holding between 100-300 birds a piece. Since much of the small grains haven't been harvested, the birds are really being concentrated into a few fields. Saturday I will be hunting a field with a group of guys that has 1,000+ honks in it. I can't wait to see the carnage!

Plus the duck crop is excellent around here. We had a couple hundred woodies land in our honker dekes this morning, with one juvy drake eating wheat from the bottom of my partners blind.
I will post some video after the weekend. I will have some good grindage on video then as a lady friend volunteered to shoot our hunt (she doesn't hunt yet, but she loves being out in the blind).

I did get some good video of the ducks this morning too, its so hard not to shoot them when they are landing 10 ft. from you.
I had a pretty damn good weekend in the decoys. As I already posted, 2 of us got our 10 bird limit on Thursday.

On saturday, i hooked up with a group of buddies and the 10 of us ground up 50 honkers in less than 30 minutes! (hands down the greatest shoot I have ever been on).

Sunday, our roost got jumped at light, so the 350 birds we were hunting never came to our field, but we were able to scratch out 19 from migrating flocks. I gotta thank the guys I was with as some of them could call like I have never heard before. All in all a great waterfowling weekend.

3 mornings, 79 geese dead. I think we are going out wed and thurs. morning too. What a way to start the waterfowling season.
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