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Early Goose Season in Tennessee


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Nov 21, 2001
Opened this morning 30 minutes before sunrise....and I was at work :mad:

But I will be out there this afternoon and bag my 5 birds and head to the house a happy man :D :D :D
Best to ya Flipper. I wanted to do some goose hunting this morning but with the 5 of us there isnt much chance of that happening. Maybe if I feel up to tomoorow I might go but then I feeling beat up right now. ;)
Well I didn't get 5, but I did get 3 honkers :D

But what made this hunt so special was my 3 year old daughter went with me :D :D

Our first hunt together.....and she had a blast!!! She really didn't care much for the ear plugs but once the geese started coming in and I started shooting, she forgot all about those big orange foamy things in her ears. I took an extra goose call for her to use and to my surprise she could blow it fairly well.

After the hunt was over she said, "Daddy, me have fun hunting goose with you."

We saw about 200 geese and about 80 ducks. She wanted me to shoot the ducks also, but I told her duck season wasn't open yet.

I can hardly wait until she will be able to hold a gun and shoot on her own.

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Flipper I am happy that you and your daughter had a great time. It is a special event the first hunt they go on. So treasure it and I hope you have a few pics of her and you so that it will be treasured.

:D :cool:
I didn't knwo they had a goose season in Tenn, we dotn have hardly any waterfowl down here. We have lots of woodies however.
I grew up a mile away from lake Erie and miss waterfowl hutning a lot.
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