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Total whiteout buddy.......me and Dan are screwed......we wait all year and two days before the hunt in the high country, the bottom falls out.......I knew it, I could see it coming. It is supposed to snow straight thru the week without stopping :rolleyes:

...oh well, we can always go up there and build snowmen :(
Just one more day here in town....watching the snow pile up on the window sill, then I'll try and rent a snow-plow escort to get me and the horses to Denver International to pick up Dan :rolleyes: ........then we'll tear up all our maps and homework pages from the last 6 months and strat over.

Hunting should be real good in the streets of Glenwood or Dotsero :(

we won't surrender just yet.....after all, they have to be somewhere, right :confused: ....nothing like a two day crash course over an area your unfamiliar with :rolleyes: ...this is where feeding ponies all year should pay off bigtime......I see a lot of saddle time in our future trying to cut fresh tracks in the snow as the elks fall off the mountain top.

Holding 6 big game tags, I am optimistic we can draw enough blood to resemble a military M*A*S*H unit! :eek: .....just is VERY disappointing to have to change our plans now after we have poured over these topos for so many months :( .........either way....one more day and Anaconda and myself will be doing our best Snow Bunny impressions! ;)
Be sure to take pictures of each other making snow angels! ;) I sympathize with you and Dan - it was sure a pain two years ago in Montana when it was snowing heavily and 10-20 below zero after a year of planning. (And we didn't have horses :( ) I have confidencce, though, that you'll find something.
Won't be no snow angels Cali....just two white boys trying to make it! I can alway predict these storms...they coincide with the days before any hunt I'm planning. A little sno is always nice...blizzards I just as soon do without :rolleyes:

Um, Ithaca.......snowshoe's?...should I wear my blue pair or the red ones?..all hell, I may as well take my Sunday go to Meeting pair! :D .......hard choice since I own so many ;) ....my snow shoes will weigh over 1200lbs and eat hay as a main course ;)
Plan B it is !
I think I know a place where we can stable the horses for the night if thers too much snow on the ground.
Hey DS, you got a good set of chains for that truck ?
Just the other day I was thinking " man, I wasted a lot of money on new lng johns & insulated pants, It's probably gonna be 70% and sunny."
Snow! I've heard of that, we get it here sometimes, then it melts later in the day. Good luck! Track em and stack em. At least you won't have to carry a canteen !(maybe if the snow is clean). Be safe!

I hope you knock em dead. It was tough hunting that 2nd season. I heard the flattops got lots of snow. good luck to you. I hope you fill all your tags.
Camp packed in the trailor......ponies waiting for their que to trailor-up at daylight.....and I hit the road......with nothing more than a dream and a pocket full of tags ;) ....cause we damn sure have to re-think the plan of attack at this point...but hey, we got all week right!?! :D ...no jobs....no wives.....no kids....no worries! :cool:

I pick Dan up at DIA a little after 9 and we hope to be in the Flat Tops by late afternoon......

We'll try to get a report or two out to Indy during the week....as we're dragging dead shit off the mountain :rolleyes:

D-day is here fellas......"let's roll!"
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