DS dumps big ass buck......(part two)



.......ok, been waiting on two things to post my Wyo buck.......pix of Greenys monster Muley and pix to come back from Walmart! ;)

I figured Greeny would post his usually Booner, no doubt, and he did not disappoint me.........and I'll admit, I was hoping to let him post, them trump his pic with one of my own.....but he may have set the mark too high :rolleyes: in regular Greenhornian fashion.

I read his book, and in chapter 6 where it talks about "knowing the secret", I got a little confused.........so I went over to chapter 9 and read a little on the "proof is in the pudding" and gawked and some pix for inspiration :eek: but did get a little lost in chapter 12 about "let the spanking begin".......meaning literally or figuratively? :confused:
Oh well, I mostly just look at pix anyway, and Lord knows he has plenty of them.

Elky has my pix, and should be sending me a URL soon, and I will get the bruiser on here.
This buck makes my Co buck I posted blush. He has 8 points...........on either side, and a ton of mass. Not sure what he scores but he is definitely the biggest deer I have ever taken at over 300lbs. He is a load.......
:cool: DS
Congrats DS!!! Glad to hear that your living up to your namesake!!!! Can't wait to see the pictures.
Here he is.......
Jeez, I thought you said you killed a big buck! You probably had to wipe the milk off his chin! :D

Just kidding, great buck DS! :eek:

To bad about not finding an elk. I was hoping you'd kill a monster so maybe you'd OWE me! ;) :D


Hey....I do owe you Oak!.............you helped me out, and just because things didn't go well, you got returns coming in spades!......just name what I can ever do to help you and I'm there.
Man, What a nice buck! Congrats! He's a real hog! He doesn't look like a mountain deer because his horns are so light. Did you just kill him recently?
Thanks LB.........and Greenhorn, he really was a brute........hell, I felt like you as I posed over him ;) Yes he was killed recently, as recently as last month, and he may very well be a "mountain deer", but then again, who knows :cool: DS
Great buck Mark, I'm impressed.
How many beers do you think I'd have to buy you before you told me the real story, and where I could find his littel brother ?
MARK.. No prob on that cut/paste job I did on your head !!! LOOKSalmost like a real picture :D :D


Blacklightening.........you say salt makes eating tags taste better?.......cause I got a CO elk tag I have to eat! :mad:

Moosie......damn fine job on the aterations.........coulda made him wider for me though.......and Greenie says you made his horns too light, but other than that, heck of a job!

Thanks Delw and WW.........everybody gets lucky every once in a while.......
Thanks Eric.......and can't wait to meet up with you on the Exotic hunt in a couple of months!

Owl, your right, size doesn't matter.........so lets talk all these fellas into shooting the smaller bucks.....and leave the bigger ones to roam around ;) ........give us the story and show us what those Washington Muleys look like.

That there is a HOG!!!Congradulations, you sure did live up to your nick name on this one. I just back from my deer hunt in Eastern
Washington. Got a pretty nice 4x5 muley.
He's not near as big as yours, but size isn't
everything!:D:D Anyhoo, I'll post a couple
of pics and a short story soon.:cool:
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