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Dec 20, 2000
Jackson, Wyoming
the hide out with them. Every year I keep saying I want to have an elk hide tanned and then every year goes by and I put it off. I would like to have an elk hide on the back of the couch and even have a coat/jacket made from one. Maybe this year will be the year.
We lugged a hide out one year. There were four of us on the hunt and one of the guys wanted to do all kinds of things with elk hides. We all donated ours so he could upholster his couch and a chair and make a pair of boots and some other projects he had going.

A couple a weeks after he was supposed to get the hides back, Glen went by his place to see them. Turns out someone had offered him $300 each for the damned things so he sold them. Never said a word to any of us.

Never did tell us who the guy was. Come to find out that he kept it quiet because it's illegal to sell them. Ah well. He's dead now, and we usually hunt far enough back that we have to walk out. Not going to pack 100 pounds of hide that doesn't cool up very well. Besides, when you finish taking the cape, what's left isn't hardly worth it.. is it?

I save and have tanned to leather every hide. It takes a number of them to have anything decent made. I'm going to have a jacket made for the wife using the ivories as buttons.
I had a cow hide tanned. It practically covers a queen size bed and is heavy. Its so hot here, its just rolled up now. I hate to cut it up, but about all I can do now is put it on a bed. Any ideas?
We had LB's moose hide tanned back in 1991 and first put it on the bed. It was very warm, but too friggin heavy. Made it hard to even roll over. Maybe an elk hide would be a little less weight and would make a good balnket also.

Nice idea about the elk ivories as buttons. I like that idea.
If I kill a bull this year and the pack out would be easy enough to pack the hide out I'll keep it as long as it's a really nice golden color. I want a nice blanket for my bed and I think it would look cool.

It all depends on how badly shot up it is. Lung shots put holes right in the middle of the best part of the hide. I have a couple of nice elk hides. One was from a cow that I killed with a head shot and the other was a Texas heart shot.

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