Devaluing Non-Residents

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The pint night of 307hunters playing pass the cracker. No thanks, I'll pass.

I mean why would anyone want to go attend a meeting to listen to a bunch of blowhard's rant about their lack of opportunity and how NRs are diminishing their ability to draw their 10th big game tag that year?
We can all just sit in our slippers and view their hatred of NR's from hundreds or thousands of miles away. No sense in being in person to have someone throw that in your face. lol
Funny how many meetings I have attended in the 307 and never heard Wyoming resident "blowhards" rant about lack of opportunity because of nonresidents. I've never witnessed at meetings or anywhere else "hatred" towards NR. Do Wyo Residents want to be treated the same in their own state as other states treat their residents; damn straight.

You and others on here are the ones spewing the hatred. You just made that shit up, plain and simple. The real truth is, you bitch and moan until Wyoming residents like me finally say "you don't like it hunt somewhere else" or " want a general tag every year, than pay your dues as a resident". If you want to cry about the special fee increase, cry to who pushed it. It wasn't resident hunters.
10-4. Buzz was being his usual abrasive self about 5 years ago on a thread similar to this one, when I was thinking long and hard about where to retire, when that day arrives. He definitely convinced me what state is #1 to be a resident of. Couple more years and it will be a reality.
Meh, you've already missed out on the good old days...and speaking of old, you're getting too old to hunt anyway. Make sure to bring the life alert and don't call me if you break a hip.
Wyoming still sells NR's moose and sheep points.
When I mentioned earlier in this thread about WY selling useless points, the response I was met with was "well, if they're stupid enough to buy them, then let them."

Being on a hunting trip is always exciting. No one should be upset about hunting. It's just unfortunate when it will take 5-6 years between hunts, meanwhile every resident can go buy a general tag over the counter.
If your spending 5 to 6 years between hunts your doing something wrong. Even if I wasn't a resident I could hunt elk every year somewhere it just takes a little planning
It was in reference to wyoming general tag hunts.
You do realize that the quality of that WY general tag is pretty darn high right? Are you trying to compare it to an OTC CO archery tag or something? If you want to do that, perhaps a more comparable thing would be to look at option of a WY unit 8, 96, 117 tag. You can do those BULL hunts every year as a NR
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