Desert bighorn poacher caught


Dec 10, 2000
Peoria ,Az
Suspect Cited In Bighorn Sheep Poaching

A Texas man has been charged with poaching a mature desert bighorn sheep ram on March 3 in a remote area of western Maricopa County, advised Arizona Game and Fish Department law enforcement officers.

Keith K. Flora, age 31, of 11025 Timbergrove, Corpus Christy, Texas has been charged with taking a bighorn sheep during a closed season, possession of unlawfully taken bighorn sheep, and waste of edible game meat. Flora is scheduled to appear before the Buckeye Justice Court April 17 on the three charges.

The poaching incident came to light thanks to two citizens calling the Game and Fish Department’s Operation Game Thief Line (1-800-352-0700). That prompted an investigation by Officer Dan Caputo and Field Supervisor Dave Conrad. The officers initially focused their investigation in the Saddle Mountain area of Game Management Unit 41 where the alleged poaching took place.

Only the head of the 8½-year-old, Class III ram was taken. The remainder of the carcass was left to rot. Game and Fish officers allegedly recovered the head and horns of the animal at Flora’s part-time residence in Tonopah.

The Arizona Desert Bighorn Sheep Society is providing $1,000 of the $1,500 reward, through the Operation Game Thief Program, that is being paid to the conscientious individuals who initially reported the incident.

Bill Keebler, the Desert Bighorn Sheep Society, said his organization is glad to work closely with Game and Fish on such cases. “We’d like to send a message that we will not tolerate this type of activity.”
I've been unsuccessfully applying for Desert Sheep permits for over twenty years to complete the last leg of my Grand Slam. I think they should hang this guy, then drown him, then shoot him! :D

Is this a felony in Arizona? Actually, I guess it's a Lacy Act federal felony if he transported the horns across state lines.
Hope he gets the maximum sentence and fine. Good to see the tip program working. Our Montana FNAWS also kicks in $1000 for tips that nail Montana poachers. Maybe these idiots will start to think twice about poaching? Paul
Ithaca you answered your question already "Is this a felony in Arizona? Actually, I guess it's a Lacy Act federal felony if he transported the horns across state lines. "

While I dont mind seeing poachers get big fines and jail time I have a problem with the system.. you can beat your kids to the point of child abuse and get a slap on the wrist.. you can kill someone while driving drunk and get a lessor fine....

In AZ if you shoot a cat or dog with a pellet gun you will goto jail for 30 days and have to pay big fines....

The value system kinda sucks

I have also been putting in for desert bighorns for 20 years.. one of these days...

It does me good to see the bad guys getting caught. Hope he gets what he deserves.

Maybe this year will be the year you get drawn for your desert bighorns Del & Ithaca. Good luck
wouldnt that be a hoot if ithaca and I drew the tag this year.. not only that but for the same unit as well......
It sucks there's people out there doing that sorta thing, but it's also good that there's folks that catch the sorry SOB's. This is the type of behavior that gives us all a bad name.
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