Deer finally on line...


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Nov 28, 2001

Heres my deer finally..I had it and the elk pics on the same role and had to wait till I ran the film out...
Better late than never I suppose... :D
Thanks for getting it up for me Bill!!!

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Nov 21, 2001
Originally Posted by ELKCHSR:

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I hiked up some 2000 feet starting at four yesterday afternoon. Took just a little over an hour. The climb is almost straight up. Got to the top of the hill and there he was. A dandy little four point muley standing some 60 yards away. So I pulled up my 300 wthby and double lunged him..He went some 75 yards off out thru the timber the wrong way over the hill and expired. The blood trail was easy to follow, every time he breathed, blood was sprayed 10 feet on both sides of his trail. Got him cleaned in the dark and started off the mountain. He is a very heavy bodied animal and I had a heck of a time. Sprained my thumb twice, fell on a rock and took a four by six patch of hide off the side of my leg, and could never get it pulled side hill out of the gully. So my body feels like I took on Greenhorn in a boxing match. I did get the deer into the truck finally. The sucker must weigh 200 lbs with out the guts. I will get a more accurate reading later on and they just don't lift into a truck when they are as floppy as a noodle and weigh more than you do. Got it in and on the road, only took four hours...Five if you figure the hike there to. Not to bad. We won't add up the last three weeks...When I get back from school next week, I will have to try again for an elk..I will have help this time though..One of the nephews will be along...