Deer Dropped Into Tree - From Where?


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Dec 20, 2000
Jackson, Wyoming
Six-month-old male deer, 70 pounds, hanging in a 12-foot-high crotch of a maple tree
in Delaware county, New York, near the Pennsylvania border.

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Dad sent me a clipping from this that was wrote up in one of the NY newspapers....

I think that the aliens beemed the deer up to thier space ship.... Wanted to do some anal probing/scanning and missed the target.....Then uppon killing the deer they beemed it back down and being in the hurry they were miss guided the dropzone....

I read as article and seen pictures of them jumping into croches like this in the 70's. Just not that high, can they jump this high..?..

I can't help but try to find some logical and natural explanation. I wonder if there are any mountain lions in Delaware that could have cached it there?

I wonder if there had been a previous snow that would have allowed for the deer to be up higher and get stuck in the tree, then the snow melted away???????????

I have seen spanish goats dead up in trees on two occasions and heard of many others. They are notorious climbers and they usually fall off of a taller limb into a lower fork, then die. It was a real trip the first time I saw it.

Even spookier, I was fishing along a river and startled a big billy up in a tree. He came running down the tree and I though he was going to come knock my ass out. It turn out he had to run toward me to get to a good jumping off spot.
That was a pretty cool site. The goats that get abducted around here wind up as cabrito or bar-B-Que. That use to happen fairly regularly when I was in high school and we were needing meat for a party. There is nothing worse than goat meat that was prepared by a bunch of drunks.