Deer attacks my Mamaw


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Mar 18, 2002
This story is my own Mamaw, I just got the e-mail and here is what it said. <BLOCKQUOTE>quote:</font><HR> <HR></BLOCKQUOTE>I just wanted to let everyone know what happened in Tennessee today.
Mamaw heard a noise at the chicken house and went to have a look. When
she got there there was a animal which she thought was a goat. It
turned out to be a DEER. The deer then attacked her, she grabbed a hold of
the antlers and then was dragged. Fannie somehow by the grace of God
got out of the fence and came to help if it hadn't been for the dog
Mamaw doesn't know what she would have done. Mamaw is fine. She went to
the hospital and was checked out. Mamaw was the fourth person that the
deer had attacked today. David killed the deer and it is being tested.
We will let you know what comes of the test.

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Glad your Mamaw is okay
Thanks Nut. You just don't think this would happen to someone you know. I'll have to give her a call and get the whole story.
I think it's the same thing as a Mama, Kiwi.

Good luck to her, Meathead. Fill us in....

Still haven't talk to her yet. But everything looks OK . She told my mom that it came charging at her and she grab him by the horns. The deer had her down on the ground until her dog got there.
Im trying to see if anyone got any pics of the deer after it was kill.
Wow, Meathead, glad your Mamaw's OK. Sounds like that deer had a kickin' comin'.

2fast has it; a Mamaw is the same as a Granny or a Grandma. Also regionally known as a Gramma, Meemaw, Gran Gran, or Mawmaw. Surely you western types haven't been gone so long as to have forgotten your roots!
Well she's doing just fine. She had alot of bruises, as for the deer It's dead and has been sent off to have some test run on it to see if there's anything wrong with it. It was a six pionter or a 3x3 which ever. My Mamaw ask on the way back from the doctor today what they had done with her antlers. If she gets them back I think I'll mount them on a plaque for her if she wants me to.

No pics noone thought about .

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Sure am glad she is OK Martin. Are they going to let you know the results of the tests? Hope you can get the antlers back for her.
They said it would be a little while. They sent one to Nashville,Tn and one to Atlanta,Ga. But they will let us know of the results.
Well, the deers lucky it didn't pick on Vip.. It would still be dead, but it would have been a long time getting there...

Hope MawMaw is OK..