Dead doe and a cool skinning method!!


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Aug 22, 2002
heres the one i was pointing the death beam at in the other post , gotta click on the link to see how i skinned her out. Its a bigger file but a movie worth the download for sure!!!

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Nice doe you ugly bastard.
I thought maybe there would be a liver eating picture to go with it.

My computer is too slow to download the skinning, so I will have to look at it tomorrow at the office. Don't tell.

Have you been seeing any bucks worthy of your arrow?
Congrats on the chic deer! My media player couldn't open the flick though.
Hmmm, i will try to work out the kinks in the file.
Yes i seen a 10 point about 20" wide and a 8 point about 15 wide that i will pass on. The 10 is a dandy though. Things are heating up and it will be good from here on out.

MT miller, you think i am ugly? that really hurts because i think your pretty cute
NOT!( lets go camping) Yea no liver pic but if i can get the skinning video going its better anyway. I screwed it up when i tried to compress the file. I have a working file here at work if anyone knows how to compress them let me know and i will email it to you. Its a 4 meg file and i dont know how many of you have DSL or cable.

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Nice picture and Doe!
Thanks for sharing, now how about a little story about the stalk and shot!
Where in WI (abouts)were you hunting.
I might be coming back there in a few days for another funeral, but don't know for sure.
If, I do then I would try to meet as many of the hunt talk people that live there.
Not much of a story, she and her fawn were milling around my stand and a small buck was sniffing her out. She saw me and instead of leaving she got pissy about it and started stomping. Before she started snorting and wheezing and letting the county know where i was i silenced the Biotch. I have 4 doe tags so it will not affect my season much.
MTman, i hunt Clark county but live 30 miles NW of milwaukee. Where you headed to?
Cool, but I think we got you beat. More ammo and I own a machine shop with a 10 ton bridge crane. We just skinned my niece's last friday with it. We used to hold the feet to the floor and pull on the head like you, but we decaputated a small doe last year and the carcass fell to the floor, so now we do it with the head tied to the counter weight. Seems to work better that way too. I'll take some photos in december if we get lucky.don
Unfortunately or not I will not be making it to WI this year. My uncle had in his will to be creamated and dumped in Chesapeake bay and not buried in WI. Why, I don't know only he was very frugile!
Will try to get up there next year for I have cousin around madison or the dells. don't remember which but will find out.
They go by the name of Schroeder.
Will keep trying to download your video and let you know what I think when I am successful. Thanks for the story.
A processor in IN I know uses a similar method. He hangs the deer on a gambrel then skins the legs down a foot or so. Once he has enough hide, he ties it together and hooks it to a winch mounted in the skinning shed. Presses a button and viola, skinned deer.