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Day Hunt or Pack In???

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Dec 19, 2000
bellingham- washington
How many of us day hunt or how many pack in and for how long? I usually pack in by foot around 5 to 15 miles for 5 to 7 days.

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Raybow when I lived back in washington, we used to pack in all the time.for up to 2 weeks. it was nice cause we didnt have to bring any water and we only carried very little food( we shot grouse and caught fish).
Here in AZ we have no water so day trips to maybe and over nighter..

In co we have gone and spent 10 days on a back pack trip 2 times
Packup and drive to the Holiday Inn for 5-10 days :D

Drive out to huntin area everyday and hunt then back to the cabin,Holiday Inn, for a quick shower, hot meal and channel surfing.
I've grown to like DAY hunts..... Usually I'll have a base camp (5th Wheel) and hike before Daylight back in.... hunt the day then come back around dark or after dark....

This year I'm doing a bit more Overnighters.. I'll keep ya posed
If you have access to water there is nothing like hiking out in the middle of the timber miles in and hunting those benches and wallows. I like to take Mountain house food cause it doesn't weigh anything hardly at all and heck, it's not that bad. Over here there is no shortage of water and you are always next to a drainage with it. If you get a chance get out and camp for a few days cause I think it helps a mans chances a lot. I have heard many many bulls bugle after dark and before daylight. There is othing like listening to the call of the wild man.
Ohhh I've been afield and heard the Elk Bugle.... I've heared then Right of fthe Highway at 2AM too.... FUNNY how everyone thinks you need to be 700 miles back in for the "WILD" ;) HELL.... Just follow me intp the crapper after I get out.. WOW !!! :eek: Talk about wild ..... ;)

ALL that being said, I do plan on mre Backpack trips this year. I'm really looking foward to it.... I tried one 2 years ago, Packed in for Opening day deer.... MY pack was 65#'s without any deer on it. WTF is a guy to do 10 miles back with a 50# pack and a fetchin deer/elk.... Even Deboned it's near imposible ?!?!?
Set up camp at the trailhead and go in for day hunts. I used to hike in up to 10 miles a day, now the horse carries my ass in 8 miles a day so I can go on foot.

When I get drawn for sheep, I will let the horse pack in my supplies and stay for a week or two on top.
I generally walk out my back door go hunt for a few hours, come home and relax till evening and go out again. Someday I hope to do an overnight hunt.

I like to take off for five or so day's cross country with nothing more than a day pack, or pack frame with little or no gear....At least no sleeping bag or tent... :D
There are shelter types to make that one can build in a fairly short time that keep one warm and dry. The ancients have used the techniques for thousands and thousands of years before the advent of gortex, polarfleece, and all of the other modern day trappings that prevent one from "really" enjoying the outdoor adventure.... :D :D :D sleeping bag? What do you do, get a fire going and sleep by it all night? You're one hell of a hunter if you can hunt for 5 days with no comfortable place to sleep!

Brings back memories. When I was 14 my dad introduced me to packing in for a night or two.

Empty pack frame,coat and pockets full of snickers and jerky. No nothing.

He was kind enough to pack along a small plastic tarp in case it rained.

If you are tired enough you can fall asleep anywhere with no problem. hahahahahahahaha
Your welcome....
Those are the memories that one remembers better than any others in the memorie bank, I think... :D :D :D
I agree with elkchsr's methods, hunting with minimal equipment is most rewarding. I prefer a small pack, light sleeping bag, the rain fly from my tent, no stove and carry only water, a few Arby's rb sandwiches and plenty of gorp. Of course, my stick bow too. You don't need much for a 3 to 5 day hunt.

Very rewarding
WELL..... I like to hop on the wheeler and drive .5 miles and drink a late and watch the fenced in ELK...... ;)

Roumor has it I'll be hunting an exclusive "underground" Montanna ranch this year. BUT, Thats another story :D :D

I'm still hip to day hikes...... Plenty of Elk next to the road... I'll show you a few pictures later this year. :D

PS< STORMY PEAK, WELCOME aboard !!!!!!!
Welcome aboard Stormy peak...
RB sandwiches?????LOL.... :D :D :D
Now that sounds like a rough one Moosie.... :D
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