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Dale and George...


Apr 16, 2001
My onliest bait got hit last nite first time.Got cleaned up purdy good too.The old walkerdog broke the cardnal rule round here yesterday.Bit the young feller while he was fillin his water dish.Still cant believe he did it,never showed any signs of aggression before.Never will again either.Back down to a 3 dog pack again.Oh well,if ya want any dogs run Dale,give me a holler.
that is one thing that I would not put up with either,no matter how good the dog. I had a dog stare me down last summer.He won but was gone the next week.Nice dog too.
I can get that walker from NH thats out of Johnson breeding for ya.He is 5 and has only been run on coon.Same lines as Terra.And he is Free.The man will come as far as LL Beanes to meet somone.
Hope the young fella didn't get hert to bad.

Almost forgot all but 6 of our 43 baits are being hit all ready.Looks like its going to be a good year for Bears.

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Too bad about that dog Maineiac, but obviously you did the right thing. Good luck with baitin them bear. I'm in hot pursuit of a decent spot to bait em pretty quick here. Good luck to you and everyone else!