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DAD Gets a deer..........


Grand poopa
Dec 9, 2000
Boise, Idaho
Not the B&C rack but what a AWSOME hunt...... Oscar SR. (DAD) loves to hunt and SHowed me the ropes growing up.... Don't blame him for my SILLYNESS.. I got that on my own *SMILE*

here are a few pics.... We saw a few Turkeys and Little turkeys...


We started hiking up the hill just a hair before Daylight. It was one of the hardest areas I hunt, ANd my dad was a Trooper coming from Sea level. We would walk a bit up and I'd be a little ahead and GLASS the hills.... We hiked for about 2+hours and I started seeing does... I spotted this Buck after it Pegged me.. Dohhhhh..

Anyways, it was 450 YArds I'd say.. DAD said it was a good 400+ .. So who really knows.. Far non the less... He was PAcking the 7mill-08 and I had the 300 win mag.. I told him unless it was a BIGG ARSH BUCK.... He could shoot any buck he wanted... My season is longer then his and I'll have more chances . He got my 300 and layed down for the SHOT...

after settling it on it's back, let out a Round.. The deer Buckled in its tracks !!!went from Looking at us to Rolling down the hill.. The hill was So Steep at one point I saw it leave the Ground about 4 feet rolling down and bouncing... Unfortunately when We got to it, ONE side broke off about 1/2 way.... It was GREAT fun and a nice deer even so.....






HERE is my dad taking a break getting ready for the HARD WORK !!!! Fortunately we were back to CAMP about 1 PM in enuf time for LUNCH !!!!

Nice buck and cool pictures. What's the orange thingy on your head? Scentlock hat?
Great pics and story Moosie, too bad the antler broke on the one side. But great to see you spend time especially hunting with your dad :cool: Not too bad of a buck either for Idaho ;)
Greenhorn... Just wait.. I am Having my mom MAKE me several COOL HATS THIS YEAR :D :D

I got one MAde I'm going to take with my ELK I get.... You'll want one so BAD you'll call me !!!!!!!!! A hahaha haha !!!!!

Cutty, better then all those Forked horns we get eh ? We still have that Idaho Forked horn contest remember.... :eek:
Glad to see you guys had a successful hunt!
Nice buck, too bad about the break.

I was gonna ask you if you looked for the broken fork until I saw the pictures! No chance of finding it in that thick sh!t!

Congrats to Oscar Sr!!!!!!!!!!

I have been hanging around Moosie all morning trying to get some "luck" in my direction!!!!!!!!!!

Awesome photos

Congrats again :D :D :D
Nice Buck gentlemen, congrats, and Moosie, I hear that you can get a perscription ointment :D that cures elk turd kling-ons. wink wink ;) ;) j/k If I know Moosie I'd be careful what you get rubbed off on ya Elk Turd. :eek: :eek:

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Moosie, offer my hearty congratulations to Moosie Senior on his successful deerhunt. Hope I can get lucky this coming weekend, not only on a deer but a nice big 6 elk. I'm going up to Bear Valley on the 12th, where I showed you on the B.N.F. map, camping off the Whitehawk Lookout road, near the valley floor.

Best of luck to you and Moosie Senior, and Chris, on elk!

Later. Leanwolf.
THANX for the WELL WISHES.... As some of ya know, DAD is going to be having a Cancer removal Sergery 2 days into the ELK hunt.... So We got him a deer and Now for the ELK after Monday's opener... then he will be heading back to Kwaj. on the 25th ish.....

I'm just driving around Sunday LEANWOLF.... E-mail me the Vehicle/TENT looks and I'll keep an Eye out... If I can't find ya .. I'll drive down the road pushing the HORN ALL NIGHT :D :D
Sometimes Oscar, the real "Trophies" from a hunt are the pictures and the memories. Sounds like a great time. Congrats to both Oscars. :cool:
Right on! That's great to be able to spend some time out there with yer Pop!! Bonus that you got a nice buck! I'd be excited with a buck smaller than that...
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