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Locked up by private? View attachment 289842That might be a bit of a stretch I believe the rest of it though. I certainly wouldn’t report a sighting for fear of what the fwp might do.
That's just kind of what I've always heard. I have seen them a few times in my Baker travels over the years. Sure are some awesome rams in there.

Think a super tag would be an acceptable form of paperwork to come down and harvest one?
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Earthworms are rare in interior Alaska and it is scientific news when found.

With the warming climate, Magpies have extended their range into interior Alaska...they were extremely rare 30 years ago.
Most bird books show the range restricted to south of the Alaska Range...that needs to be updated as they are now more common,
even in the winter in interior Alaska.
Terrible photo as it is a Screencap from a video in 2012, but the Pronghorn buck shows up decently. We are deep in the aspens hunting elk, several miles from any open area.

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I have never seen them but here is a hunt offered in or big game regs.

Hunt 477R: E Slope - 44% public lands. Be aware pronghorn antelope exist at very low densities within this hunt area, the hunt area is comprised of heavily timbered landscapes, and hunter success is low.
My buddy had a bull elk taking a nap on his street in south Denver metro, 2.5 miles from the nearest open space with any connection to where I've seen an elk, which at that point is still about 4 miles or so from where I've actually seen the elk. I think he walked down the dry canal, but that's loaded with people and dogs, and he had to cross a major 6-lane highway and multiple large and busy surface streets. CPW caught him and hauled him back to the hills.
The weirdest was about 40 years ago while hunting mule deer on the east slope of the Cascades in Washington ran across a bighorn ram. He was probably 40 miles west of an established heard in the Yakima Canyon. A local game agent told me that sometimes the lone rams would migrate back with the elk herds. Kind of freaked me out though.
As we start getting into early fall weather, the rattlesnakes like to leave the sage and rock hillsides and hang out on the warm sleeping child road asphalt at night and a lot of them get hit.

The 900k 20 acre parcels for sale just above the road will likely be renamed rattlesnake ranch by whoever ends up buying a parcel.
I found a dead porcupine less than 100 vertical feet below the summit of Mt. Sneffles in completely technical terrain about a week after I took this photo, no idea how it got there, must have been the Sir Edmund Hillary of Porcupines.
My mom’s neighbor photographed this bighorn ewe in her pasture near Coeur d’Alene, Idaho a few years ago. She probably came from the Thompson Falls area.

When I was a kid, a mountain goat showed up and hung out down the road a little ways from our place. I suspected it came from the east side of Lake Pend Oreille. Then someone shot it. 😡

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This guy must have been following her:

This guy must have been following her:

Several years ago, a guy was telling me that he had seen sheep one winter on an open hillside on the north side of I90 between Lookout Pass and the rest area. I have always looked when I drive by but I have never seen any there myself.
Found this beauty with a flock of shovelers in CO in 2011F5236650-70D9-4160-A168-ED7C44642D65.jpeg

The only mountain lion I’ve seen was near Julesburg, CO. I sure wasn’t expecting to run into one while scouting for turkeys.

I’ve seen whitetail on Dunraven Pass in YNP and in the Kawuneeche Valley on the far western side of RMNP. In the future those probably won’t be rare places to see them as their range continues to expand.

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