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coyote hunt pictures


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Jul 10, 2001
Northern Colorado
Here's some pictures of my Arizona predator hunt :D

I had a blast hunting in Arizona. I can't wait to get back out West and try it again :D
DOUG... LOOKS afly warm there !!!! :D :D

COOL pics.. I should be heading out soon.. Next month !!!!!!
doug,thanks for the pictures.Looks like you had a great time.Coyote hunting in Maine is a little different weather wise and the size of the yote.Keep plugging them!!!
George and Sambar..........You guys sure know how to put things into perspective. By the way, I am 8 feet tall for reference :D.

This was my first hunt in Arizona and I felt priviliged to hunt with some of the country's best predator callers at the Predator Masters hunt and a week later at the Coyote God's hunt. Heck there was even a guy in attendance from Johanisburg, Africa. I was lucky to get paired with an experienced hunter named Tim Behle, who showed me more in 3 days than I would have learned in 3 years on my own. I ended up shooting 5 coyotes for the week. Three of them in the first weekend hunting with Tim, and 2 more later in the week hunting by myself. I was using a Johnny Stewart electronic caller, and shooting a 22-250 savage with a 6x18x50 bushnell scope. The area we were hunting was pretty thick for Arizona, and my shots were anywhere between 30-200 yards. Thanks for your kind words on the pictures :D.
Doug those 5 `yotes you shot are five more than me,the pic i sent in was one i lifted off the net,so to you George P i havent any info except to say no matter if the guy holding it is a midget it is still one hell of a big `yote. :D

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Doug,after I posted that picture I thought "Jeez,I hope that guy doesnt think I was bragging about how big the yotes are here" I was just thinking that these coyotes were one time believed to be the same animals.It has been proven now that our north eastern yotes have some wolf blood in them as you can see from the pics I think they are right.The one I posted we shot in southern Maine last year in front of my hounds.It weighed 52lbs.
Sounds like that hunt must have been a ball Doug.The 30 yd shots I would be Ok on after that ,forget it !!!
Isnt it great to hunt with someone who really knows their stuff??? It is so much easier to pick things up from them as opposed to watching a video or reading about it.I know there is supposed to be nothing better than learning on your own,so they say,but learning from someone experienced cant be beat in my book.
Doug,forgot to commnet on you being 8 ft tall!!LOL I had a hunter kill a bear with me last year.One of the pics we took was bear on the game pole with hunters husband beside it.Bad idea!!! Bear was an average 150lber dressed.In that picture he looks like a cub.Husband is 6ft8 and boy that bear looks small !!!!!!!!
George I am glad you posted that pic... I never in my life seen a coyotes that big.... That thing is huge.. post some more

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