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Dec 9, 2000
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Folks, sorry bout the lack of personal lately, I've been buisy, YAH, like thats everyones Excuse RIGHT .... ;)

ANYWAYS, Let's have this thread for Everyone to post a picture of a ELK they killed this year with their Story !! THAT way we can see who all got ELk and the picture with them at one sitting ?!?!? SOUND DUMB ? WELL, thats what I'm famous for ;) Everyone can post thier full story, I'll just bore ya with my picture, because I have 5 pages of story to go with it ;) ....

I'm guessing that there is about 15 or so ELK kiled this year ?!?!?! SHOW ME THE ELK BOYS AND GIRLS !!!!!! YEHEEHHhhhaa !!!

HERE's MY 2002 Idaho ELK !! I showed you mine, Show me yours !!!!!

Won't bore you too much with the stories as we have 2 or 3 threads on that already.......but the skinny of it is me and Dan packed in a long ass ways..back out, in again..and repeated the process over the week to stay in elk. We held 4 elk tags and kilt 4 elk......the short math says that is 100%;)



Dan is a great hunting partner and I enjoyed those 10 days a great deal. Friends, memorys and dead doesn't get much better :cool:
Well to tell you the truth, I was about to give up hope. I spent a lot of days in the hills this year and came home on the weekends to rest my weary bones and to allow the horse to rest. Although I did see a lot of elk, I only saw a couple of bulls worthy of taken and neither of them offered me a shot. Guess that comes with the territory. On the 14th & 15th of October, I did not see anything except more wolf tracks. That sort of reassured me that elk must still be in the area though. No wolf tracks would surely mean no elk to feed on. My favorite spot offered nothing on the 15th and there was a group of 4 in there hunting so I hit one of my other spots, sat and watched an old burn area for awhile while I had my cup of coffee. Then I headed over the ridge and across and up to another ridge which would give me an unbelievable view. It was as I was approaching the ridge that I was conteplating taking a cow if the shot arose. Well low and behold as I got near the edge and looked down, there was two cows, then anothere, and then a spike, then a calf and elk everywhere. They started to run off when I saw only one decent bull to shoot at. By now they were at least 300 yards off. Then all you could hear was KABOOM as I let loose with a 300 grain Nosler Partition from my Model 70 375 H&H. Yep, it got Christened October 16th on a 5x5 bull elk. Well after breaking my ass to get down what was more like a cliff with sagebrush and worked my way down through the deadfall and over a couple of knolls he was just laying there. Well it is at times like this that one can only do one thing, and that is to pick up the phone and call Moosie with the news ;) Well it was about 8:00 AM that he went down and was 2:30 before I hit camp.

Sorry about no picture, but I`m not set up with a digital camera or scanner yet. Christmas.
Got a decent 6x6 herd bull, just short of 40 inches wide and 36 inches high. When I get set up I send a picture.
Heard him bugling in the early first light,along with other bulls. I decided to go after him because he was up wind from me.
After I figured he was moving away from me I dogged him , cow calling and using a young bull call, hopeing he would figure he was losing cows to a younger bull and stop.
He kept moving but not real fast, I think the cows slowed him because they felt someone was being left behind.
I bumped the cows once and a couple of they took off, but the rest of the herd didn`t see or smell me so they kept going the way the were heading. I called more so it might slow or stop them. After dogging them for about 15 more minutes I came to a fairly large park, and on the far side I say a cow elk feeding along, then heard a bull bugle about 75 yards in front and above me.
I started towards the bugle when I say movement out of the side of my eye, it was 6 or 8 cows and calves moving by where I saw the first cow. Just as I turned my head to see the cows a bull just down from them in the bottom of the clearing bugled. I stopped in the edge of the timber and Was just getting ready to cow call when I saw an antler move behind a small tree. He had gone back after some straglers and came out pushing a cow and calf with his antlers in the cows butt. The 300 ultra went up and he went down. Thats my story WH
It'll be cool to have them all on one thread.

After 13 or so days of hunting and missing opportunties on some hawgs, I blasted this little guy at first light on Nov. 9th. Packed him all out myself in three trips.

Hope everyone posts here, that will be cool. If they dont, maybe we can just move pictures around so they are all here, but no stories?

Here he is:
To make a long story short:

A lot of walking the first 5 days, no elk.

6th day I found a herd.

7th day, go for a group of bulls I found on the 6th day but get winded by cows I did'nt see :( Bulls ran away.

Next day, go back to where herd was, found them, found 1 bull, shot him, packed him out, processed him, and now I' eating him. Ummm, Ummm good :D :D

1st elk hunt, 1st elk!

Actual pics are still in the camera, they'll come later.
Ok, my elk story......

After DS tagged out, the pressure was on. We decited to do something different, and followed fresh elk tracks into a canyon that was as ugly as it gets. 45% sides, thick timber and deadfalls every where. The icy trail lead down and down. I posted up after a few miles, but DS keep going. I never saw an elk that day, but back at camp, Mark was excited about what he had seen. After studing topo maps for a while, he ask me if I was up for a ten mile horseback ride ?
Hell yes, lets do it !
The next morning, we saddeled up at 4:15 am and headed out on a long ride two hours before dawn. Rideing by starlight, over ridges and through thick timber in fresh powder snow. Dawn found us near the rim of a half circle cannyon, stripped with aspen draws. DS had seen it on his hike the day before, and was sure it was a place to fill an elk tag.
I stayed up high and hunted side hill, trying to catch some elk feeding up from below, while DS dropped to the bottem, looking for muledeer & scouting for future hunts. I slowly worked my way around the rim, seeing lots of tracks. When I got near the far side, I started glassing my back trail, and spotted a small herd heading up way back where I had started. I could see there was one legal bull, several cows and two yearlings. I would have to move fast to catch them before the made it over the rim.
Quickly and quietly, I headed back past the horses to the draw I had seen them in.
As I moved through it, I could see patches of brown moving below me, but the timber was to thick to see what was what. I snuk along till I found a good shooting lane and waited. A big cow with no calf steeped into the opening, and I took the shot. The cow dropped in her tracks, and the rest of them took off up hill. I spotted antlers, a 4X4 and had to run up about fourty yds to find another open lane. Cow, calf, cow, calf, antlers....KA-Boom ! I hit him a bit far back, through the liver/spleen area. He went down but started to get back up. The only shot I had now was legs, so I took out a front leg and he went down again. One more in the neck put him out for good, I wasn't taking any chances on him makeing it to the ridge and dropping into that canyon from yesterday.
The pack put was real tough, thats a lot of elk down a long ways from camp. It took the rest of the day and well into the night, but we got it all out and back to camp. The last load featured my bulls head strapped to my saddel with the antlers pointed at my back. Everything was fine till we started heading down hill into camp. The head shifted foward and with each step, I got poked. When Austin (my horse)saw camp he jumped off the trail and headed cross country down the steep part with me yelling all the way....ouch, ouch slow down you #%@&* horse


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After chasing elk all over and not seeing much any thing that was leagle, or having a heck of a time digging thru brush to get a lot of not shots, I went into the Bighole and hit this guy. In minus 10 degree weather, I stripped down to get this shirt on and get a pic. The cameraman sucked with telling me the had wasn't showing. I packed it out in 2 halves 6 1/2 miles because I like the work out... :D :D :D
Tom....judging from your attire, I'd say it was kinda hot where you were hunting! ;)
here she is boys my first elk. notice the shot placement as not to waste any meat (ok its wasn't planned but....) we left colorado with 4 elk for 4 hunters in less than 2 1/2 days of hunting, best part no packing all were in open areas that allowed atv's. only bad thing it was over to soon
We rode snowmobiles in and hunted in knee deep snow. These antlers are non-typical and palmated. Maybe he was eating loco weed.


After hunting with my bow and not being able to close the deal,(on the archery tag I had I could take a cow with a rifle if it was with in 1 mile of cultivatd land) So while heading out to fire a few rounds through my rifle getting ready for my up comming antelope hunt I spotted the herd leaving the private ground.
I told Steve to stop and as I was grabbing my rifle,
Steve laughed and said I didnt have a chance of getting close enough to them out in the open like they were.
I guess it helps to be short
:eek: :eek: I think they though I was just another tumble weed blowing around out there :D :D

Here is a pictrue of Steve's elk.

He also broke out the rifle to put meat in the freezer LOL

He worked up to just under 100 yards and shot this cow while she was bedded down with about 6 other elk.
Another easy pack out.

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Here's my elk!!!!
WHAT!!!! The picture didn't show up???

(pst! hey moosie, let me borrow a picture)


Congrats to everyone!!!!


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