Colorado National Forest and BLM Mountain Bike Regulations

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Mar 28, 2015
This is my first time on the "forum", and only hoping I'm on the right page.

Question: Can someone help me with existing rules and regulations that govern mountain bikes on public lands in Colorado? I am wanting to bike some of the cow trails that skirt the edges of the mountain I camp on. If you've ever hunted National Forest near Gunnison, you've encountered a cow or 300 walking the same trails every year. Would save me time, plus, would allow me to travel further back into the area I hunt without setting up a spike camp,,,, and haul meat to the truck.
Travel management maps and rules are on each forest office or blm office area website. Varies a lot so just need to look at you specific area.
One easy rule is no mountain bikes in Wilderness areas. Each ranger district should have their specific rules (certain areas closed at certain times) on their individual website.
Thanks LibertyJim and KHunter for the information. its amazing the regulations an entity can come up with. You can take a team of horses and mules across the trails but not a bike. I've used mules and horses over the years, and they leave adequate evidence of their presence, evidence that can be seen for days and possibly weeks. I'll check these websites, thanks again.

Boo Boo
I'm perfectly fine with no mountain bikes being allowed in Wilderness areas. One less demographic to clog up trails and make giant ruts.

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