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Colorado Boat Considerations


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Jul 4, 2022
My buddy has had fishmaster for 20 years with no issues. Lot of good options out there. Best of luck to you. Picking a boat is hard!


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Jul 14, 2015
Things I should watch out for if I go look at this boat? The Tyee ticks a lot of our boxes. The hull is a little older than I've been thinking, but the main is a 2013.

I would look at the transom for rot... which is harder as it probably has an aluminum shell, but look at the rivets and see if they are loose. Typically there is a battery box or access to the purge pump at the rear of the boat.... stick your head way down in there and see if you can see any of the exposed wood that would be splintering or if you can reach it poke it for soft spots.

Really walk around the interior in the typical spots, especially around the livewell. Some boats like mine had exposed wood on the underside of the livewell on half of it so that was the first spot that went bad and rotted out 30 years later. If you fell any give on a singular foot, more than likely the wood is getting weak and likely to need replaced.

The carpet probably is getting brittle if it has been exposed to a lot of sun. The first to get worn is the edges where you would walk from the drivers seat up to the bow, etc. Once that edge starts to go, it does not take long for the rest to start ripping.

Motors - Look at the lower unit to see if any oil is leaking out the back or out of any of the baffles. Oil leaks there indicate a seal bad. Defending on your mechanical inclination not hard, but marine mechanics are hard to come by and are going to be a few months out at this point in the summer. Also make sure to see both running with mufflers or in a bucket of water to ensure that the water pump is working efficiently. You should see a steady stream peeing out the water hole. If they are four stroke models, the will smoke a lot less than a 2 stroke but they are different animals completely.


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Feb 28, 2012
I had a 1997 1850 Tyee Grand Sport. After 10 years the transom rotted so bad, you could compress it with your hands. We were lucky we didn’t have a major problem while fishing the Great Lakes before we discovered it. Expensive to have it repaired.


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