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Check this huge deer out


Dec 10, 2000
Peoria ,Az
A friend just sent me this from his son.. the guy who shot the deers name is also Del

<BLOCKQUOTE>quote:</font><HR>This is a HUGE BUCK killed in Alberta, Canada on Friday, November 15. This deer grosses 201 B&C and nets 191 B&C Typical. He will rank in the top 10 typicals all time in Alberta. His outside spread is 32", inside spread 30", bases are 6", all other circumferences measure 5.5", G 1's 7", G 2's 12", G 3's 11", and his body weight was 320 lbs. Just a MONSTER!! Del tells me that a local guy had been hunting this particular deer for 4 years, and had the sheds to prove it. In fact, last year he was a typical twelve, and would have grossed a little bit better!! <HR></BLOCKQUOTE>