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Dec 21, 2000
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Just wanted to let everyone know what Casey did last nigth. We were at a benefit auction for a friend of mine that became paralyzed in an accident 7 months ago. They are trying to raise money so he can buy a handicap accessible vehicle.

Anyhow, the auction was cool and Casey did his part by buying a nice Browning A-Bolt 300 Win. Then, to top it all off, when the whole thing was over, it was announced that Casey was going to GIVE Brendan (my paralyzed friend) a bear hunt next spring if he could get a ride up!

Awesome, thanks Casey, Brendan will love it!

By the way, I was the guy sitting about 30 feet from ya and I ended up winning that "Block" target.

Ernie McKenzie

Oh yeah, Ive got to add, Casey and I spent our money very wisely compared to some. We saw another couple spend about $150 on a piece of lingerie and some goofy elephant G-string!
:eek: :eek: :eek:

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Guess it depends on what that g-string came attached to as to whether you two were the wiser or not. That sure doesn't surprise me about Casey. He is a great guy and those that were "wise" enough to book a hunt with him for next spring there are going to have one GREAT time!
Well, the G-String was for the guy. Elephant trunk in the front where the wanger goes. It was pretty funny. It was a friend of mine that had it bought for him by his fiance. SO, just for your Knowledge, there wasn't anything beneficial attached to the g string.
Thanks for the compliments, but they really aren't needed. He seems to be a great kid and I only did what I am sure he would have done for me had the situation been reversed. I am really excited to get him to camp and see the smile plastered on his face. Indy, well if ya want to do some trading for a right handed 300 Win Browning A-bolt Rocky Mtn Elk Foundation rifle Compositestalker I would love to, because this righthander ain't gonna do me much good!! It is a little big for my 7 year old daughter! Happy hunting, Casey
Right On Casey! Is he coming up at the same time as the Hunttalk group? Im sure he wont have a problem finding a ride but if he does I volunteer to pick him up.
I believe he has a ride FEW, the same friend of his that organized the whole benefit is going to bring him up. I believe so.

Brendan went to elk camp this last weekend. I haven't talked to him yet about it, hopefully he had a good time.

Wow that is really great. Good Job Casey!
I hope Brandon goes and gets himself a big one! I've always heard good things about Casey. When I'm ready to book a bear hunt it will be with him.
Thanks for the offers on rides gents. Brandon is going to be riding with Dino, a close personal friend of the family. He took a nice 24 inchish muley here a couple weeks ago and was gonna get out and do a little elk hunting but haven't heard back from them on how they did. Happy hunting, Casey
I have a buddy I grew up with that got paralized in a timber accident and we built a special stand for him. I don't know how he will be hunting but what we did was built a frame out of angle iron (15 feet tall) and mounted a pully to the top of the frame so we could run a rope thruogh it back down to a boat winch mounted to the side of the frame We then built a chair for him with a harness and attached the other end of the rope to it. We would pack him over, put him in, and crank him up!! Here was the result of that.
Awesome! The plan right now is for Brendon to hunt out of a Double Bull blind. Bill Weisner from Renegade Archery is going to get one for us to use and maybe set him up with a bow. Sounds like Brendon is game to try out the bow! Happy hunting, Casey

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