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Yep, here in California you can buy a deer tag when you are 12. When you are 10 you can hunt birds, squirrels and stuff like that.
in florida kids can hunt at any age but must be under DIRECT supervision of an adult.the biggest problem with that law no game warden or fwc person seems to know exactly what that means, i hunt one area where the game warden says we can be in a seperate tree stand as long as i can see everything he does and another who says he has to be in arm reach.
10 is the min in AZ 2fast, as long as they have a hunters ed and pass it like you said.... But they will be 40 by the time they get drawn so its no big deal LOL
Like ten bears said the age in Idaho for being able to hunt Big Game is 12 years old, and after you passes the hunter's ed. class.
I believe they just lowered the age to 10 to hunt bird's,turkeys, after passing the hunter ed. class of course, and the kids have to be with an adult.
Good move on Idaho's part.
I hope alot of hunters take advantage of the new age limit and take the kids out,it will be a super good way to help them get ready for hunting big game.
It sure seems like a hard way to go for kids in a State that is all draw, you would think they could come up with something just for the new young hunters ,making them wait that long to draw a tag doesnt seem to be real kid friendly.
TE was lucky in our state. All you have to do to hunt is pass a Hunter's Ed Course and you can get your license regardless of how young you are. He passed it 3 years ago when he was 9 years old.
In Texas you can hunt at any age within arms length of an adult, then at 12 or 17?you have to pass hunter safety. Every year there's pictures of 6-9 year olds that shoot a deer. In fact, the draw hunt application book this year has a picture of a grandad and and a youngster, both when they were 9, both with the same gun, both shot their first deer, one in 1952, one in 2001. The dad used the same gun for his first deer when he was 9 too, but that picture is not there.

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