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Here is a Camper Rental for $170......figure a day there, a day back and 5 days of hunting,...7 days@$170= $1190 divided by 3= $397 each for truck/camper rental for a week+fuel(1500miles total)$300max fuel cost divided by 3 is $100 each.

Total ground transportation is $500 each max
Airline tickets $600 max
Food(MRE's)and drinks per man for a week $100
Hunting license and Carribou tag, $85 and $ license and tag $410

Total hunt cost...$1610
(whores would be extra ;) )

This is the very high end......I have a connection where we can beat the truck/camper rental by half, plus knock a lot of the mileage down, but this would be the very outside it would cost...and here is a nifty look at the accomadations we would be talking about.......

Our rates include:
Unlimited Mileage
Airport Pickup
Housekeeping Package
Linen and Bath package
Full Coverage Insurance
No Cleaning charges
2000 or Newer Campers
24-Hour Emergency Assistance
After hours drop off available
Airport drop off available

We feature Lance and Northern Lite slide in campers. These units are fully self-contained with no need for hookup. They are totally battery & propane operated. Complete with stove, refrigerator/freezer, sink, shower, toilet, hot water, hot air furnace and ground hookups.

Camper - $170./day
Ideal for two. Bath with shower!

Another suggestion would be to look into the classifieds in our newspaper.

Alot of people rent out there RV's and its pretty decently priced also.

My buddy rents one every year to do an all state tour when his family comes up. Average price he pays is about 5-600/week.
Well of course there was the guided antelope truck hunt near Encampment that was a tad cheaper, but word on the street is it is no longer available :rolleyes:

That sounds awfully good Lil'.....but it will be tough to be searchinmg the local classifieds in hopes of coming across something when we need it......reservations with a company or dealer sounds a safer bet.
It just depends on how much in advance we would have to book, to see if it allowed time to hold out looking for a classified deal...

Yeah Indy......I'm thinking Cali was dead way 4, 3 only if one of the 3 is gay and don't mind swapping from bed to bed
DS ;)
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