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CA Hog Hunt???


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Nov 28, 2001
somewhere other than AZ :(
I am looking to go hog hunting in CA sometime in March.
I have read of several in the past and forgot what website they were.
Could anyone direct me to this sites?
If you're archery, Chopper is the owner, runs a 1st rate place. I'm going in February, I'll give you a first hand report.

Chopper doesn't do rifle hunts anymore, but there are plenty of others.

T Bone
If choppers place does not work out there is one called bighorn canyon ranch. It is the closest to AZ by a long shot only 4-5 hours. My buddys grandpa and dad went there last year and both shot monsters and his dad shot 2. The one his grandpa shot was over 450 pounds. They also have tons of sheep and reasonable prices. They do not have a website but I will try and post the phone number.
Bighorn Canyon is really a canned hunt operation - they buy their hogs from barnyards. I hear the sheep are a little more challenging since they last long enough to get wiser. has a good forum on hog hunting and most of the guys there are from California and many guides are listed, or you can just ask the same question there and get many answers. Just click on the word "Forums" in blue in the list towards the bottom of the page.
Thanks for all the info and leads.
I am taking a friend to do some archery hunting there for the big boys, since I had no luck finding any javelina in my unit this month.
I'll post after I get back and let you all know how the hunt and the services went.
Thanks for the info Cali.... I saw some pics and it looked like some fairly steep terrain and I didnt see any fences... I talked to a couple guys that hunted the sheep with archery gear and they said it was pretty tough hunt. I didnt ever get a comment on the hog hunt just saw some pics my buddy had... So do you know if there is a high fence there? or what would make it a "canned" hunt?
The property is large, but fenced. As I said, the hogs are pretty much just barnyard pigs that are trucked in periodically and released - there is no wild population on the ranch. Part of the property is very steep hills, which can make the sheep hunting more challenging (like it can be at Thompson's place in Texas, where a bunch of us went last year.)

Once the sheep get shot at a time or two, they wise up. With a bow, you have to get somewhat close of course, so that makes for a more difficult hunt. With a rifle, once you get to the top of the ridge, you can pick off a sheep more easily.
I see... I did not know that they trucked the pigs in I thought they were ferals just like other places in CA. I guess that would explain why they are the only ones in that area that offer hog hunting...
I agree w/Cali. Allthough I know nothing of this ranch personally, shooting a wild hog in California in excess of 400 pounds is like winning the lottery, it don't happen often. I have been hunting hogs in Central California for almost 20 years and guiding for 5 in some of the best WILD hog country in the state and have never even seen or heard of anyone killing a hog over 400 pounds.
Well it probably is not too hard to raise them to 400 pounds and release them... I never saw the thing on the scale but from the pics I believe it was every bit of 400#.
When my cousin was running his outfitting operation out of Redbluff, I used to go out to the ranch with him and I've seen lots of hogs that would go 400. Thing is, he rarely would put a clint on the really big boars unless they were paying the big trophy fees cuz they were the breeding stock. He ran hunts just for monster boars but most folks just wanted to kill a big pig.
Like I said before, 400 pound WILD hogs are as rare as winning the lottery. Anybody can catch little ones and grain feed 'em then let 'em loose. I live in one of the best counties in the state and we still have a great strain of Eureopean/Russian. We get a lot of long, straight snouts, heavy in the shoulders with little narrow ass's.
Back in the early 1990's, I hunted in Sonoma County with a guide and trained hounds for wild boar. I got his name from a taxidermist in Santa Rosa. But I no longer have that info.

Perhaps you can find a taxidermist or gun shop through the Yellow Pages that can get you hooked up.

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