Busted for killing 11 elk


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Dec 20, 2000
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JACKSON - One felony and 11 misdemeanor charges have been filed against a Jackson man for allegedly killing 11 elk Nov. 24, 2003 in the Gros Ventre River drainage northeast of Jackson. Elliot Hudson, 20, could serve up to 21 years in prison and jail if given the maximum combined sentence for the 12 charges.

This poaching incident that unfolded near the Red Hills campground is one of the most egregious Jackson Game and Fish Department officers have ever experienced. At noon that day, a nearby witness heard several rifle shots and saw 13 elk, three of which were wounded, running from an area where he had seen a dark green Jeep Cherokee. The individual reported the incident to G&F officials who found Hudson and his Jeep Cherokee at the scene.

Jackson Game Warden Bill Long found several .223 caliber shells on the ground and 11 dead elk within 35 to 150 yards of the road. Jackson Police officer, Scott Terry, also questioned Hudson. Hudson told Terry he had no guns, but agreed to a vehicle search. Terry found a .223 semi-automatic rifle and a .30-06 rifle. A field necropsy of the elk carcasses by G&F Wildlife Investigator Fred Herbel discovered four bullets believed to be .223 caliber.

Further evidence included a video of the scene filmed by Hudson. "The cassette in part shows several dead elk, a crippled calf elk and audio comments indicating that poaching is illegal and the heinous nature of killing of the elk by poachers," Herbel said.

Hudson is being charged with felony property destruction for allegedly killing the elk, which belong to the state of Wyoming, valued at $6,000 each. Destroying property valued more than $500 is a felony. The property destruction charge carries a maximum sentence of 10 years in prison and a $10,000 fine.

Hudson also faces nine misdemeanor charges of "wanton destruction of a big game animal" for killing nine antlerless elk and two misdemeanor charges of "taking certain big game animals during a closed season" for killing two antlered elk. Each charge carries a maximum one-year jail sentence.

"I've never seen anything like this," said Long, a game warden of 24 years. "Recovering all those dead elk made me sick. The individual that did this was not a hunter. This act had nothing to do with hunting. This was just killing."

G&F personnel worked through a snowstorm field dressing and salvaging the meat from 10 of the 11 elk. The meat was donated to needy families in the Jackson area.

It doesn't have to take a poaching incident of this magnitude to be reported. Information about any wildlife violation is encouraged to be forwarded to the Stop Poaching hotline at (800) 442-4331 or contact your local G&F office. Callers can remain anonymous and may be eligible for a cash reward if the information leads to a conviction.
Another black eye for HUNTERS. Sounds like the moron videotaped himself. I usually think that fish and game laws are too extreme but in this case I agree he should be sent to prison for quite awhile, and hunting privelages revoked forever.
Just tie him to a tree and leave him at the scene. Let him consider what he's done while he cools down..

<BLOCKQUOTE>quote:</font><HR>"The cassette in part shows several dead elk, a crippled calf elk and audio comments indicating that poaching is illegal and the heinous nature of killing of the elk by poachers," <HR></BLOCKQUOTE>

W.T.F. ?!?!?!

If you're going to poach, At least takea Big bull.. (OK, Not funny). But I jsut don't get it. Do you trhink he wanted to kill as many elk as possible or was he gonig to cut them up for food ? Uhhh , I still don't get it .
Some of my gamewarden friends say it is common for poachers to film the act. It makes great evidence when they are caught,
Sounds like this guys getting what he deserves. At least the wyoming F&G got ther soon enough to catch this piece of...defication. I had an incedent years ago here that still leaves a bitter taste. I saw some morons from california "shooting them all to sort them out later" and imediately rode out 2hrs to the trailhead to call it in. On the way out I flattened two of their tires to slow down thier escape. The game warden didn't show up to investigate for days. The poachers were long gone, and I never even heard if the liscense # and description of thier truck helped. Last I heard the poachers were in a loacal store threatening to "shoot that guide off his horse" if they see me again! My hunter, who was there to hear it, told them they better make the first shot count, cause they woudn't make it back out of the hills alive if they missed.
They should casterate the SOB. That would cool his jets for awhile. Sounds as if he was just out to kill as many as he could. Good to hear that he got caught in the act though and some justice will be served.

Happy trails
We had a rancher here in NM that did the same thing. But in NM it was legal for him to do it.

I guess the elk were destroying his fences as he put it. So he just opened up on the Elk on his property. The head Game Warden is one of my good friends. He said it was the worst things he has ever had to witness and there was nothing he could do about it. The rancher was so out of control that he even killed one of his own cows thinking it was an Elk.

What a waste
Hope the bastard gets all he deserves and then some...stake the a-hole out and let Idaho Ron's coyotes have some Xmas dinner.

Here's another poacher that got himself caught (and yet another idot that takes pictures of himself for evidence

This guy (story goes) shot this buck at night and then went around bragging and showing pics....moron!

The poacher of the 11 elk may be getting 21 years in prison. i heard this on the radio yesterday but can not find a news article about it. Ten of the eleven elk went to needy families.
It's good to hear the meat didn't got to waste and that it went to a good cause. I hope they hang the poacher by the nads and that he gets what he deserves while in prison.

I hope they hang his ass! we also had a rancher a few years ago shoot about fifteen or so elk with a mini-14[.223] he gut shot them all cause he didn`t like elk, his name was Mike Odem and his ranch was in unit 10 AZ, he got off with about a 5,000. dollar fine. last i heard the prick is out of the ranching biz. I would love to see Hudson get some "real jail" time! [hope he gets "punked" 1 time for every elk he shot]
I sure hope that stupid S.O.B doesn't have any kids like him, otherwise we won't have any more elk to hunt and the season will be clsoed thanks to the lousy punks.
I hope that he gets what's coming to him...that 21 years in prison sounds really nice though. And I like the idea of having his hunting regulations revoked for life. And if you want my opinion He shouldn't be aloud to even own or touch a firearm again.
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his name was Mike Odem and his ranch was in unit 10 AZ,

Man why does that name sound so familiar? Do you know what ranch? Just out of curriosity. As for that kid,I wonder what his daily thoughts will be....Lets see today..hmmmmm drop the soap...or...uhmmm....balls acoss the nose?
Beardown i can`t remember the name of Odem`s ranch, but i crossed it many times, [a main road went thru it] it was in the upper N.E. part of unit ten, and as much as he hated elk he had it posted "no hunting" and "no stopping" on the road, i also have talked to many hunters who encountered him and said he was a first class prick! you might find the story about all the elk he gutshot if AZ G&F has any archived info.
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