Bullet weight for Bighorn


Jul 12, 2010
I will be using a .270 to hopefully take a bighorn sheep this fall. I have always used a 150 grain Noslar partition load in my rifle for both deer and elk but am considering a 130 grain to shoot a little flatter and was wondering what everyone thought about bullet weight and sheep.
I use 130 TTSX for antelope to elk.

That being said, your current load choice is excellent, and if it works well for you I wouldn't change anything. I doubt the trajectory difference will be enough to matter. Congrats on the sheep tag!
Go to the Nosler web site and check out the load data on the different bullets and put the info into the drop tables and you will get the info you need to decide which bullet will fit your needs.
Shoot either. I would go with what my rifle shoots better. Not much difference in trajectory or hitting power. Placed correctly, either will get the job done.
I used a 140 grain Berger from my 270 Win. last year on my bighorn sheep. Worked very well at 282 yards. I only went with the Berger because that's the only bullet I could find at the time, and when I loaded some up for the first time I got excellent accuracy without even having to mess with adjusting the seating depth or anything else. I've used 150 grain Nosler Ballistic Tips in the past and at the time I was ready to do some reloading, they weren't available. Another bullet that shoots well in my 270 is the Nosler Accubond 140 grain.
I would echo the sentiment that if you have "always" done something and it works, don't change anything. You are better off spending more time researching/scouting your hunting unit.

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