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Jul 4, 2003
Considering that I'm a tight-wad reloader and looking for the best bullet to load for my .270 Win and .270 WB Mag. for deer and possibly bear. The Nozler Partition is my prime choice. What other recommendations would you hunter / reloaders have? Shots would be 50 to 250 yds.
You know me Chuck,a died in the wool partition man,I have seen the evidence on the ground,and been converted
I've heard that they are having more porblems with the triple shock than they had with the X bullets when they were new... I'll stick with partitions until someone comes out with a bullet that is markedly superior in performance... Not likely to happen in the near future...

I'm a Hornady guy. They have never failed me. I'd feel comfortable using a 140 or 150 grain interlock on black bear.

I'm a newer owner of a 270 win. The load I picked for sheep, deer, lopes, coyotes is the 130 grain SST. It wouldn't be my first choice for bear though. They are heavier boned and muscled.

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Thanks for the suggestions. I'll take a careful look at the Hornady bullets. I don't see the Hornady bullet used in my area, but it might be worth a considering.
That reads interesting 1 Pntr.. I may have to try some for myself... I wonder how they work on game??

I have been reloading and shooting/hunting since the 1960's. I have tried many different makes and types of bullets over those years and I have yet to find a bullet that shoots as accurate as my own Groove Bullets.

Fred, the key for me is consistancy.. In flight, terminal performance, plus all of the mechanical aspects of shooting...

My 270 win will shoot a 1" group at 200 yrds all day with either hornaday or sierra bullets 150 gr have taken many elk & deer with them. I think nosler are over rated i was not happy with the expansion I've been reloading for over 30 years rifle & shotgun
I would like to hear more about the ring bullet. Don't recall seeing it mentioned before.

I've shot the Sierra bullets in my .25-06 and my opinion is it performs well at the longer distances, but performance at close distance varies. Thirty years of positive experince with the 150 gr. bullet certainly deserves consideration.

Thanks for the input folks.