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Bull Elk photo!!


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Dec 6, 2003
Fort Benton MT
My 4th P&Y Bull taken on public land in Montana Sept 2003!!
Awesome elk! Thanks for sharing.

Mind sharing the story that goes with that photo?
Here's the story; The lady next to me is my wife Glenda,,she makes it all possible. We spent 47 days camped out chasing Elk this year. We hunt public land in No Central Montana. The elevation is tame,,only 2800 ft at the highest. It is very open country, most the hunting is ambush. We were watching a known bedding area trying to catch them coming in to bed. Had this nice bull and 8 cows coming and we set up in a drainage just below the pines where they bed. As usual, the herd turned about 150 yards before they got to us,,,except for one unruly cow,,,she kept coming right in front of us. I had time to range her so I knew the exact distance. She must have been 'hot' because the bull left the other cows and ran right over to her and stuck his nose in her butt,,,,,done deal. I hit him perfect,,,,double lung and pass-thru. He went about 100 yards and died on the run. Chock one up for unruly cows!!! Man I like hunting the rut!! I've been hunting this area for 10 years now,,I've shot 9 bulls,,,,,,eight 6x6's and this 6x7,,,,,,four of them are in P&Y. My biggest secret is that I get to spend a lot of time out there,,,5 or 6 weeks each season. And I'm lucky to have a wonderful wife that loves it as much as me!
Welcome to Hunt Talk Elkmaster. That is an awesome bull. Congrats on such a fine animal and thanks for sharing the picture and story with us.
Nice looking bull and a good story Elkmaster congrats. My passion is elk hunting spent 26 days out elk hunting alot of close calls but came up empty this year.

She does have a sister,,,in Colorado. But I warn you, they are both 'Yooper-chicks',,you need to know how to handle then!!LOL

My wife is an absolute blessing. I am a Disabled Veteran,,I cannot work- hence, I can spend all season out there chasing Elk. Glenda like to take care of me, without her, I wouldn't be able to hunt at all. And I've seen her gut-out deer and pack Elk hind-quarters. And she's cuter than a button. I wish everyone could have a woman like I have,,BUT I AIN'T SHAR'N!!!
Thanks for the tip, but what is "Yooper Chick"? The only Yooper I know of was the guy who used to post on here until ... well, he used to post on here. As I know it, Yooper as in Upper Peninsula is just another part of the US of A. The Land of the Big Mac grows them anyway you want them. What's so unusual about these?


Yup,,,,Yooper-chicks are from the Upper Pennisula of Michigan. They are a rare breed. If you ever meet one you will not forget her. They know how to handle a gun, bow and a man all at the same time. My only problem with her is her cooking,,,,I'm reaching 'critical-mass'!!!!
I am jealous of all of you that can hunt these incredible animals. Thats an awesome bull. Congrats.