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Buck skinnin'...Ford style!


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Apr 5, 2001
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Was bored so I thought I toss up a few more pics...these were in MT a few years ago- decided to use the pickup to skin out the bucks...




The deer processor back home uses a similar method employing a winch instead of a truck. Works like a charm.
HEY.. THATS pretty dam cool !!!! I've heard ripping the skin off of a yote, butnever (hehe I said Butnever) But Never a deer like that !!! Pretty dam cool !!!!!!

It actually looks like there is a good 3" of snow, Are ya sure it was a ford and not a chevy ;)
A guy I used to hunt with in tennessee told me about a similar method but he pused a golf ball under the skin at the neck cut so the rope wouldnt slip off.I really thought he was full of crap but he may not have been
Next elk I get clost to the road, I think I will give that a try, it may just work... :D :D
You don't need a golf ball, just a stone about that size or a little bigger(I like baseball size). All it does is give you something to tie the rope around, otherwise it will slip off. Put the stone under the hide and tie the rope around the base of it. Ya gotta skin the neck down about 10 inches to get started.

Deer hide buyers prefer this method so the hide isn't all full of knife nicks. They call the knife nicked hides "hunter hides" and they're not worth as much.

You don't need a Ford, either. Just about any vehicle will work. "Power skinning" is one of the few legitimate hunting uses for an ATV that I know of. :D An old boat winch mounted on the wall of your garage or barn is a good way.

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Ithaca 37 got it right on the money!
Funny thing is that we were using a golf ball under the skin...about the only legitimate use for one I've ever found :rolleyes:

We don't use this trick all that often as most places we hunt the deer/elk come out in pieces...when its available though its pretty slick, fast, and CLEAN!

Moosie...actually nearly four inches of just can't see the Chev ahead of see thats pulling my truck ;)
I have done hundreds of rabits this way, [not hooking trucks to them]!![jokers]!!
But pulling the whole hide off at once. Next chance I get. I will be playing that game also. Looks fun if nothing else... :D :D
WOW, that must be a lot of work for one of them birds. :D

ELKCHSR, when I was reading that, I was wondering why you would need to skin a rabbit with a truck. :D
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