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Bring on SK


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Jul 7, 2001
Next week I am headed to SK to hunt with Casey and Dustin again. I have been looking forward to it, but not not exactly counting the hours.

That recently changed when I went back to the threads from the 2003 Hunt Talk forum. Wow, all the memories came back and now I am fired up more than I was last year. Too bad many of the photos no longer link. Here are a few of my memories from last season.






Too bad the whole crew won't be up here this year, but I will try to have fun without you. ;)
MAn.. I'm Fired Up for ya !!! That was a Great Trip Wasn't it..... I wasn't there forthe Big Fish Catch but the Puking, the shorts, the group picture.... ALL Awsoem Memories. I'm just wondering who is gonig to give you a bad time if I'm not there :D

Tkae some Video Footage !!!!! And bring Dustin a Can of COPE from me !!!

MY # is (208)571-1ELK, All from the little pay phone, Call Collect if ya want, I want updates !!
I don't remember getting to see those pics Craig...That looks absolutly like a lot of fun... Good luck and hope you get a great big one... :D :D :D
Which Hunttalkers in the pic are there.... :D
back Gary (guide and bear artist extrodiniare), AA (Charlie), Lickbag (Moosie), Dustin (run-away tire guide), Wylee (Chris), 1-pointer (Tyler), Darren, middle Ramone (chef), front myself, Casey (The Main Man and owner), Whelen (Paul).
That pictures proves my point, that those shorts would fit Moosie now!! ;)

Have fun and don't fall asleep at the pickup point. :D
Damn - if the bears are as big as that fish, I'm scared for you! :eek: Great pics, especially that Motley Crew.... have fun, hombre!!
Good Luck Craig, Hope you get a biggun this time. But if you get pike like you did last year thats cool too.