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There is maybe 2 grand worth of stuff in that picture and maybe another 2 grand 4 miles from there. Not worried about anybody tripping over that,even as close as it is to a trail - 50 yards
I always got my eye out for goodies. Better make it 75 yards! 🤪
Pretty funny but his glassing knobs on private.. makes me think too, because the spot I saw bulls on near there is owned by a dissolved company that is surely not liquidating their assets..

The rest is owned by a ranch that may or may not be partially operated by a 3rd party we here at HT know well.

Man, the irony…

Where’s the stash of hopzone!!?? 😂🤪

I’ve got no idea WTF you’re even talking about
I’ve got no idea WTF you’re even talking about
I know you don’t! But I do. It’s very interesting to me. Sorry, I’m not really implicating you for anything! Just analyzing details….

That can’t really be “the” glassing knob though……..
Ratard Point on the Dehann BMA is not a place anybody would “stash” a backpack hunting camp. That’s roadhunt country.
This reminds me of a "stash" that I found a couple of years ago. This one is more of the professional variety. It is in a pretty good hidey hole and didn't look like anyone had been in it for years. This is in Wilderness.

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