bowhunting for brown bear


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Mar 19, 2001
Anybody here ever do this or want to? I was watching a video on bowhunting these critters and all I have to say is ya'll are nuts ;)
in my wildest dreams is about the only place or time that ive every thought about it! and could afford it! so i think that trip will be there for awhile " only in my wildest dreams ". To me it would be the ultimate bowhunting accomlishment costal/brown/gizz anyone would be awesome! oh yea there would have to be someone with some serious firepower within feet of me!!!
Bowhunting Brown bears is my ultimate hunt. I hope to do that in the next 6 years. I have a friend that went last year and was successful and the video is awesome. Next month he is hunting Polar bears with his bow. He is real close to the North American 28 with a bow, all meeting Pope and Young.
I was watching a bowhunting video I rented called "Lethal Flight". In this video the guy shot a brown bear with his bow. Ran right up at it and shot it in the eye dropping it in his tracks. What a crazy sob, but what a rush I bet the guy had. Gavve me one watching it. :eek: :cool:
It would be a rush, thats for sure. Its a rush just getting close to a big bear,and shooting sticks at it would elevate it :D

I watched a video put out by SCI and this guy got with 29yrds on a griz that was sleeping on his kill. The bear stood up and the guy shot it. Complete penetration. The bear just kinda kept on turning around then finally layed down for good. Man, he made it look so easily.
If you plan on doing this you have bigger.....well you know what I was gonna say. :eek: