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Dec 9, 2000
Boise, Idaho
Well to make a long story short, I went on a solo hunting trip…The pics aren't all that good but HELL, I was by myself .... HEHE

I went to where I smacked papa last year and figured someone would push something back over.. there was a lot of rigs by the road… I started 2.5 hours before legal shooting and got to the saddle I wanted to be. I ended up seeing 12 cows but no bulls. One little spikey in the group But I was fiddleing with my camcorder trying to get it to work and didn’t get a pic of them. I just got it back from, the shop and they reset all the settings…. Ohh well.

Anyways, I worked back up this hill and back further then I’ve ever been in this area. I found a nice canyon around 2:00 and by 2:30 figured I’d sit and watch the bowl till late evening.. I had a 350- 400 yard shot max I’m guessing in a 150 deg. View.. ALL snow covered and nice !!!

Well the second I sat down, Here was the view I saw instantly !!!!Sorry it's a bit blurry... But it was a bit far out and the camorder was focussing on something closer....


If I pan out here is what it looks like :


NOW, LOOK real close at the black dot. YEP, elieve it or not thats the elk. It wasn't all that far but the picture makes it a small item to see. It was only 350-400 MAX I figure.... NOTICE the snow spot on the DEAD tree for a reference. You can still see him in this picture if you're good.... BUT....


BUT...... panning out even further looks like this, GOOD luck finding it in this picture..... HAHA


~After I dropped the hammer from that location, I wasn’t even sure I smacked it. I was confident of the shot but when I reput the scope back on, it had moved and I didn't see it limping. Truth be told I lobbed another shot at it when It stepped back out but Even though it didn't run off I was still puzzled. It wasn't till later when I found out what happened. I walked over to it’s bed and Found NO blood. I was cussing myself and videotaping his tracks and bed area. Here is the bed he was lieing in :


I continued to follow his tracks not knowing what to expect. I figured he was 100 miles away and I missed him.. BUT how ?!?! At 350 yards he was bedded down and the bullet should have gotten him good. SURE, you can say not to take a facing shot, But I did.
After 4 mins of looking at the ground and walking slow I saw this through the trees… It only took me 2 seconds to drop the camcorder and KABANG !!!!! Elk dropped at 40-50 yards like a ton-o bricks. LOOK closely through the trees folks.. you'll see him too !!!!


Here is 3 drops of blood I saw after I dropped him in his tracks…Amaisingly I didn’t se any other blood the whole time !!!


After he dropped he didn’t die right away, I had to walk up to him.. this is him before I layed the final shot into him

Elk down !!!!!!





BULLET hole and Bullet in the leg. Lok closely and you’ll see the first shot laying right inside the front shoulder. I realized what happened was the first shot shattered the left front leg of the elk. It only had 3 legs to walk on but the shot didn’t hit any vitals. When I found his bed and walked up a ways, It was trying to “LIMP” off. That’s when I dropped it with a better shot, then followed up with a final neck shot. Anyways, here is one of the 2 bullet’s I found.

WOW.. you're quick.. try it now, I still hadn't loaded all the pics yet 'SPEEDY" ;) And I was still editing my story... :D :D
Now that was quite the story Moosie. Love the pics and the way you put them on. Thanks and congrats. Would have been better with one of them HT hats though.
I like the "chronological" story and pics. AddaBoy!!!
Congrats Oscar,
Great pictures and story. Wish I could have been there to help.

Are you guys staying in town over Thanksgiving?

Elky, I need to show you the Entire Video, At the end of the season I'll have all my stuff compiled... I mention the hat and how I give ALL you guys a bad time. AND I was laughing all by myself in the hills talknig to a camcorder cussing myself out... SORRY BOSS !!!!

Flipper, ALL the pics are working, Hold your CTRL buttonm and hit "REFRESH", you should be able to see them, everyone else can ?!?!

Ovis, Mostly in order, I left out the sex parts ;) Hehe

Twolf,Ithica... THANX !!!

Tbone, I was Solo, Dang Warren and his Spike run ;) At least he made it up to help, I didn't call Wylee, because he's buisy and He'd of come even though he didn't have time. I would have bugged you if you didn't leave me :( We should be in town on T day, YOU coming up ? Wifes packing 8 months of kid, I'm guessing we're not going far

Carnivore, I wasn't all that high, I barely left the road *WINK* In all seriousness, I was in the sawtooth's,probably around the 7,500 mark ?!?! I don't like Ridgetops so I bailed down low, Seems the guys like to hunt them ridgetops and Elk tend to know that ~~

It had snowed like on Tuesday and I was up there on the Following Sat. THE day never got over 20 deg I think. Fortunately for the pack out it got to a nice temp... It sucks sweating and being wet at 15 deg... BUUUuurrrrrrrr,,,,
HEHE.. MAybe I had a hat but felt it unfair to win my own contest ;) MAybe a pic will pop up with me having a hat after the contest is over :D :D

Also, I left the pics at a higher quality to see who had the Cable modems and Who was a looser with the dialups still *SMILE* :eek:

-Jerk FACE
Well it took me almost 15 minutes to see all of the pictures and it wasn't worth it!!! :D :D Just kiddin man, that's a good bull, way better than tag soup. Congrats to ya fellow elk slayer. :D :D
Right on Bro!!:D Nice elk!...and it's always sweeter when you come through in the clutch...last day & chit...I've been checkin' back here, just to see if you gotcher bull...and you didn't disappoint (for a while there I thought you were a mortal that got skunked once in a while)...glad you came through!;)

I'm outta here - gottalotta shmoozin' to do, makin up for last eight times I've been out since I broke the "last time I'm goin' out this year, I promise, dear..." (with a 3 month old at the casa)

Catch ya in the spring...lookin' for that 400 pounder... Have a good one! :cool:
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