BOO BOO Bear..... (Video)


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Dec 9, 2000
Boise, Idaho
Well I've Been Slacking at the Bait Site, Dang Work and "LIFE" getting in the way lately, but I did get to slip out last night with Gunner. We had a BOO BOO bear come in around 8:20. This little guy was walking down the hill and I motioned to Gunner it was a Thumbs down bear. Since I'm bow hunting I'm only 12 yards from the Bait site. An Easy shot by Even My standards ;)

It took a minute till it came into view for Gunner but I could Video it the whole time. I wasn't quiet of still and got the bear and all it's Ugliness on Video :D

At one point it came within 10' of me. I was 1/2 tempted to Jump out the Tree and See if I could Bull dog the guy but wasn't sure I've worked out that much yet ;)

I got some footage and Pictures I'll upload tonight. I'm at the Office with the FIRE WIRE connection to upload it at home :( Ahhhh maybe I'll swing by the store for an "OFFICE" purchase

What I was thinking was to Tell Gunner it was a Shooter and video tape him Shooting the bear once it got into view, Being able to watch it some time before he could see it. Knowing it would come through this Bush and All he would see was the Vitals and part of the Head.... Although Funny, It probably wouldn't have worked as planned. Although I would have liked to see Gunners face walking up to the bear

Going back up Sunday......

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