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Blast off fizzled


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Mar 28, 2001
Ohio but my heart is always in the woods
Well we are back home. Quite an experience it was. Friday we had to set up camp in the pouring rain. Not really that bad until it got wet inside the tent.Then it got a little nippy in the morning(was nipping the rest of the time there also). Finally got out Sat evening and didnt see a deer but saw 3 longbeards fly up to roost. ( I hope to get one of em this weekend). Sunday I missed out on a large doe through clumsiness. ( I did not have my bow and was trying to **** a crossbow with it standing 25 yrds away)
Then Tuesday we were too far away from some deer and they were staying in a open field in the morning.
Tuesday I tried to crawl though some briars and thorns to get to a couple of other does that were out in the field opposite of us.
Got within 40 yrds but the wind had quit in the middle of the stalk and they were ready.

Til next time
Glad to see you made it back in one piece nut. You are using a cross bow for deer, thats cool... how far can they shoot?

Yes it was a learning experience.

Del 90 % of the time I had my bow. At that moment it was back in the jeep. I was with my 11 yr old at the time. He can't bring the string back so I have to. We had fired it with a field point since we were heading back to the jeep. For me our range with a crossbow is the same as my compound.

On another note I did take a shot at a squirrel with my compound. I must of gave it a good scare. :rolleyes: The arrow whizzed right over the top of it cutting a few hairs on its tail. It was about 15 yrds away and I was sitting down on the ground when I shot.

Anybody want to play William Tell with me? :D
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