Big buck blunders

JB Florida

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Dec 9, 2000
Florida/Gulf ShoresAlabama
I finally get close to a P&Y buck (thats pretty good in alabama) he was about mid 130s
and I let him sneak too close...
he heard me draw.

5 yards on the ground in a double bull blind

I sure hope to get a next chance on one this big with my bow.

That's too bad, wish you could have stuck him. But you know, that's what keeps us coming back year after year, isn't it? Sometimes I remember the misses at big ones more than the ones I've arrowed.

BOHNTR )))------------->
Better luck next time. Usually when I screw up like that it's because my adrenaline gets going so hard that I forget to think about what I am doing. Screwed up on a P&Y splittail last year.
Here is the way i look at my hunting when it comes to bucks.

I only need to get lucky 1 time and they have to be lucky everytime
Thanks guys .. and you are right chambo!

The bummer is he seems to have vacated the area and bucks in that class are few in my area of the country

I am onto to another one though.
20 days of season left and I can hopefully squeeze in 5 more days off to be there.
Our rut is really the last few days of the season and into Feb when the season is over.
Im going to set up stands in february to avoid being in the area during the season next year. Those older deer are sure sensitive to humans in their turf!

If you don't stick that buck, your welcome to join in on our Wachula Pig GT, in Feb.

Good luck